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Crawley Family Ticket

Was anyone able to buy one of the discounted family tickets at Crawley? The club website provided details of two family deals and stated that ticket prices would be unchanged on the day but we were charged full price for all of our individual adult and child tickets despite one person paying for them all at the turnstile. The operator said they were only available in advance and we couldn't have the discount.


  • Not that they would have told you, but I think in this case 'in advance' meant simply going to the ticket office, buying the ticket and returning to the turnstile.

  • Ok cheers then Crawley et al really ought to make it clear

  • I got the family discount on the day by buying in the ticket office and requesting the discount be applied.

    The member of staff I was buying from said there was no discount, but another (presumably more senior) member of staff overheard and said that, whilst it was correct that usually there would not be a discount for away fans, the fact that a discount had been advertised on the website meant that they were obliged to give it to me. A third member of staff then issued the tickets and took my payment, as the first one couldn't figure out how to enter the reduced price in their computer ticketing system.

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