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Channel 5 show

No worse than the old football league show. And at least I can stay awake to watch the 20 seconds 'highlights' of the Wycombe game. But would be good to cut a bit of chat and show more football. For me the highlights I wanted to see of today's game were Holloway's disallowed superb strike and Ingram'a full length save. Why dont the channel 5 people ask the local reporters what were the best bits.Good to see highlights show on next week unlike the BBC who couldn't care a less about lower league football.


  • No worse than the show it replaced but it showed none of the highlights you wanted to see.
    I've just set a personal record for watching. started playback on 60 minutes ffw to 8 seconds worth of two saves and delete.

  • Agreed - I couldn't believe they hadn't shown that Ingram save. It was the save of the game!

  • I reckon we need to the show time to develop. They listened to fans complaints about the tacky league tables boards so the more fans views they get they will likely as not to change the format to what the fans want to see.

  • I liked the BBC format. I hate seeing people drifting in the background with no purpose or meaningful reason to be there. Adam Virgo is not comfortable standing in front of the camera. Reminds me of a man who doesn't want to be the best man at a wedding and is about to do the speech, in desperate need of imodium!

  • Maybe this is an older person perspective but to me their wasn't much wrong with the BBC show apart from the time it was on. I actually liked the gimmick free approach- just football highlights and a bit of analysis. To me the audience in the Channel 5 show adds nothing except awkwardness

  • As an even older person I fully agree.
    I don't even bother to record it. Chairboys Player suffices.

  • And before Eric P says anything, yes I noticed the "their". Oops

  • You can't polish a turd.

  • Its Truly awful. Its aimed at 10 year olds surely?

  • @M3G said:
    Its Truly awful. Its aimed at 10 year olds surely?

    Agreed - it is total garbage - it's just embarrassing...

  • I hate the Ch5 show! With the BBC show I used to watch it online and skip to the L2 highlights, now I have to put up with endless bloomin adverts.....bring back the old show IMO.

  • I think one main game and then highlights for each league would be nice. And manager comments for each game. They seem to have something, but are not sure what to do with it, thus pleasing no-one. Sadly, football is football and the way the BBC/Sky do it is the way people like it...they've gone through all the mistakes to find a formula that works so it is hard to do 'somethign different' and make it work. I would prefer a presenter and action and no pundits at all to be honest.

  • As a Freeview only person, I'm also struck by the woeful SD picture quality they broadcast in. Might be ok for a bit of Cops on Camera but not fast moving sport.

    That said, I checked it out on Demand 5 this week and it's even worse. Like watching a late Monet being wobbled about.

  • I've taken to tweeting "yoooooooooouuuu're shit! Ahhhhhhh" at them.

  • @arnos_grove I agree. How hard can it be to film the matches on a decent quality. It looks like something from the 80s

  • @arnos_grove Looks more like the work of Paul Signac to me.

  • Although it's improved a bit from its disastrous opening show, the C5 highlights show is pretty poor. It appears designed and produced by people who have scant knowledge of football and have just tried to recreate Top Gear but with a bit of football instead of cars.

    If you want a comparison take a look at the Vanarama National League highlights on BT Sport presented by Mark Clemmit. It's wall-to-wall football highlights, no gimmicks and no totally unnecessary studio audience. Far better and it's not rocket science to produce a decent highlights show. Channel 5 obviously find it too difficult.

  • Hate the Channel Five show. Even with the BBC version I wasn't interested in watching the other highlights. The audience is only there because C5 want to copy what BT Sports does.

  • BBC version ftw. Channel 5 background audience is pathetic and I'm not keen on the format or presentation. So will wait for the Chairboys HD player highlights the following day. Saves recording so win win.

  • Sky plus it, start at the end, rewind 5 minutes, press play. A lot of heartache avoided.

  • Mr Worboys that sounds like a winner to me.

  • The reasons why I am more inclined to be a bit more generous to the channel 5 show is because it is on at a time when I'm generally awake, and no matter how dreadful the format is, I'll prefer it to the cr@p the rest of my family will be watching on Saturday night. I quite like the chance to watch a little more of the rest of the football league. Guess they maybe limited to the amount of highlights that can be shown so my previous point of less chat more highlights may not be an option. mbe highlights.

    It also bugged me that the BBC didn't run the show on international weekends which kind of summed up their opinion of lower league football.

    As I have a player subscription there's little point in watching the show for10 seconds of the Wycombe game. Although the player "highlights" this week were a little strange with a good minute showing Ingram line up the wall only for the free kick to be blasted into it. They also didn't show the Amadi-Holloway volley or the Ingram save.

  • Don't think the HD Player did either. (Show Holloway's volley).

    Thanks for sharing with those listening that it was indeed a disallowed volley goal).

  • @Watford_Blue

    If they just focussed on the football, rather than scripting the painful lines for the presenters, or working out where the dopey Rovers supporter needs to stand in the next shot, they could probably get the highlights out even earlier!

    Just a thought.

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