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  • Another excellent report. Is Michael Harriman wearing a Millwall shirt?

  • Gillingham.

    I see the team's coach broke down on the way back from the game, good job it wasn't on the way there!

  • Surely Wood needs to be rested?

  • I just think Wood needs to play in midfield and not shoe horned in up front. When he's on top form he can do it but not when he's not

  • I agree, his skillset is ideal for running hard and fast all game on the left wing, putting in crosses and tracking back.

    But I don't think he has the reading of the game to play a creative role in central midfield, or the height or battling nous required from our kind of forward.

    I don't think he's been playing particularly poorly, he's just being asked to play out of his natural position.

    I wasn't keen on the 4-2-1-3 formation, and we still need Sam Saunders or an equivalent. Having said that, we are 3rd and have had conceded one goal all season. But, honestly, we've not been that great or dominant for large spells in any game yet this season.

  • Chris Sam Saunders was in the Brentford squad against Reading so no chance of getting him back by the looks of it.

  • Reckon GA will be tinkering a little over the next few games. Interesting that Yanoi Dunacien played as a wing back at Tranmere.

  • Glad to see Bean and Harriman are getting some praise. Not sure what to say about Sam, but the three games I've seen him in so far this season he has not been at his best.

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