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Match day thread: Crawley


  • Team for today?
    Sido and JJ full backs
    Rowe and Pierre centre halfs
    McGinn Bean O'Nien centre mid
    Thompson Holloway and Hayes (although I'd rather sellers it Banton) forwards
    This is in a 4-3-3 formation

  • Cobblers.

  • Exactly. Good line up. Just waiting for @blueh_w to tell us that Hayes has a calf injury.

  • Surprised the so out of form Wood has been selected..

  • Looks like a 4-4-2. Good as the 4-3-3 with three target men doesent work going forward.

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  • If Wood doesn't perform today i'd drop him for Sellers,he can't keep getting picked for last seasons performances, i hope he sorts himself out and gets back to the player we know he can be.

  • @mooneyman said:
    Surprised the so out of form Wood has been selected..

    Surprised ain't the word, Wood it's time to shine bud.

  • It's been a scrappy game, but I'd say we finished the half on top. We're missing the clever link up play that Hayes brings. Amadi-Holloway and Thompson look threatening, and Banton has quick feet and a good cross. Not much going forwards in midfield, although Bean is doing well in his defensive role.

  • And one save from Woodman to keep out a rebound looked stunning from here.

  • Att. 2,466, 748 from Wycombe

  • Bean and Harriman were great. Banton will come good once he finds an end product and Holliway really should have scored. Got a bit lucky in defence. V surprised at lack of subs. Overall fair point but felt we could have created more.

  • Bean and Harriman were very good today. I thought Wood played well, but Holloway and Thompson didn't link up well enough to give us much hope up front - we just desperately missed Hayes there, and I hope that does enough to quieten the sudden anti-Hayes cavalry here.

    Also, thought apart from a few nice chips towards the end, McGinn was fairly useless, no real influence at all.

  • McGinnis was ok in my book. A hard earned point, Bean and Harriman outstanding. I'll take 5 games withou defeat and only one goal conceded. On another day thommo's late shot would have drifted inside the post and we would have nicked all 3 points.

  • McGinn of course...this typo thing on iPad has a mind of its own at times.

  • Frustrating, but a point is a point and we will score a few next game, sounded a tad unlucky upfront but then again same can be said at the back. Well done lads.

  • Ingram, Harriman and Bean superb.

    Frustrated at how often we gave the ball away inside our own half.

    Attacking formation did not work at all. Not really sure what it was designed to achieve. None of the four attackers seemed to be really on the same wave length.

    Blanton really needs to dramatically improve on his final product to be a proper threat.

  • Was Amadi-holloway's goal off side as GA seems uncertain!

  • The linesman's flag was up before he shot

  • @Jocks_little_helper said:
    The linesman's flag was up before he shot


  • Yeah, one of those where half the opposition had stopped playing before the ball even reached Holloway.

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