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Watched Barnsley last night in the League Cup......

....what a cracking young side they have, with an average age of just 22. Can really see them doing well in League 1 this year which is great news for Josh and Alfie.

Interesting to see that Alfie was the captain last night, so they must already think highly of him. Playing against Lukaku was a tough ask and Alfie lost him for Everton's third goal, but apart from that he looked solid and you could see what a good player he was. With experience Alfie will certainly play higher than Barnsley. Josh played in central midfield and in my opinion looked absolutely fantastic. The fulcrum of their team. As usual a very high energy performance and made some excellent challenges and interceptions, as well as providing the defence with great cover at times. His willingness to receive the ball, his comfort on the ball, and great, crisp passing was great to see. I really hope we have we have a good sell-on clause as if he keeps performing like that he will get noticed higher up the leagues. Massive potential to be a Premier League player in my opinion if he keeps working hard.

With Hause also receiving an u-21 call up and lots of interest in him, there's two players where we could profit from a sell-on. Fingers crossed for them and us!


  • M3GM3G
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    Peter Beagrie was raving about Josh after the game, mentioned how much he liked him having seen him many times at Wycombe. Must say his work rate was outstanding. I loved it when he just barged Mirallas off the ball and ran away with it. But he did that all night and set up a goal.

  • It's almost unthinkable that GW had shipped Josh out on loan.

  • It's almost unthinkable that Beagrie has anything positive to say about anything ever. That mans haircut is a black cloud that he constantly has to exist under.

  • Didn't watch any of the analysis during/after the match but glad someone else could see the quality of performance. Left off strong and quick above, he really has everything.....

  • one game against Lukaku doesn't make you a star, Im my opinion Josh was the best player on the pitch for Barnsley not Alfie.

  • I'm sure Waddock would argue loaning Josh out was the making of him but I'm sure the truth is somewhere in between the two views.
    He certainly is one fine player who will go far if his head isn't turned by the circus that surrounds players further up the leagues.

  • Have to say that with the mawson influence and barnsley setting themselves up as a finishing school for young upwardly mobile talent, I have them as favourites to eventually sign Pierre. We will see.

  • I doubt they will be signing Pierre, they don't have the finance for it as we won't be accepting less than 500k for him and neither should we. Alfie was a different kettle of fish with fee still to be set at Tribunal.

  • drcongo the super prick

  • Goes to show that what having a u18/21 can do for clubs with restrictive finances.

    Sincerely hope that after this 5 year plan we could resurrect something like a u18 or 21 then throw a few pro's who need game time from injuries etc. Imagine....

    Grow your own... and reap the benefits.

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