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  • Terrible news for the kid.

  • Terrible news all round.

  • Hopefully Danny Rowe will recover to cover. Sad news for Stewart though, as he'll take a while to get back up to speed as well.

  • Not good. Our luck with injuries is already worrying after such a good run last season. The squad can't really cope with a loss like this. Wonder if the club will dip in to the market before it closes

  • We already dipped and got shit on our finger me thinks !!!!

  • Yanoi is useless

  • One game and the troll rights him off. Par for the course.

  • He went straight into the starting 11 without training with the squad ffs do you know anything about this game.

  • Villa clearly rates him, Mooney rates him, Tranmere rated him.

    Everyone has a bad game, it's just unlucky (and understandable) that it was his first game for us.

  • If blueh_w doesn't rate him then that's good enough for me Bill. The others you mention have a lot to learn!

  • What was I thinking mooneyman, you're right. Blueh_w is always spot on. Silly me.

  • Blue_w is a wum who we should all ignore then he might give up posting bollocks!

  • Come on...given the past six months it's been a while since a player has been available for full-blooded old style gasroom scapegoating so give 'em their moment . At least it lets Beano off the half-hearted trolling hook for a week.

  • He lost every header and I bet he isnt in the team saturday unless peirre is left out as he is being sold

  • Yawn!

  • Rowe will play if fit as he is a better player. Shows its not all about talent at Premier League clubs.

  • While the lad clearly didnt have a good game, it was noticable that Sido lost every header against that forward also.

    Rowe if fit will probably start on Saturday, but hopefully the lad gets another chance. besides the boo boys need their sacrificial victim each season and were starting to rev up towards making it Sam Wood or paul hayes. maybe they have found an alternative now.

  • Terry Evans had a stinker in his first game.

  • I still find it amazing that @blueh_w still find enough takers to feed the oxygen he needs for his rather abstract views. I don't think I need to say any more on this.

  • Most of the views on here are bullshit, so abstract is probably a compliment.

  • Last season Alfie went straight into the team and shone, that had become our benchmark. We were all expecting the same of a lad who was great on paper: Villa, lots of league 2 experience, looked the part warming up. So what happened next was a total shock, yes the D&G striker was a handful but how Yanoi got to this stage in his career without being able to read the flight of a ball for a simple header, fail to keep the line for off-sides and quickly turn to a rabbit in the headlights when he was so exposed is beyond belief. At the risk of coming over all blueh_w my instinct is that Gaz will not play him again, he will warm the bench for his month & we won't see him again - one of Tommy Mooney's less amusing practical jokes.

  • @blueh_w said:
    Most of the views on here are bullshit

    Only because you post so much, son.

  • I reckon Donacien will be fine. Just first game jitters. We all have bad days.

  • It's true I would be terrible even with Pierre alongside and have the turning circle of a tanker. I too think one game is too early to tell. He's worth a punt considering two good centrebacks are out for the time being.

  • For me it's far more likely Donacien will do ok for us if he gets the support of the fans rather than abuse for one poor game. Ultimately that's all I can do to help and then the rest is up to him.

  • There's no doubt in my mind that if Danny's fit he and Pierre will be first choice CBs until Stewart returns. The question is more whether Donacien is a potential season-long replacement for Pierre if he leaves us in the next few days. I think that's far more doubtful, even giving him the benefit of the doubt after his first game for us.

  • Tranmere should be setting off alarm bells, he was bloody dire up there against us and yes I went to the game so its not just a one off .....

  • edited August 2015

    Was he? Was he really?

    I guess you could say he was 'anonymous' in that game...

  • More bull shite as usual from blueh_w.

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