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For those not going to Crawley on Saturday

I'm off to the Checkatrade Stadium (yes, really!) on Saturday to see the mighty Blues take on Crawley Town. However, if you can't go and want to see an interesting local game, Risborough Rangers are at home on Saturday in their first season in the FA Cup. You may be keen to give them a cheer as they are taking on Southern League Aylesbury "we want to be friends with MK Dons" FC. No split loyalties there then!


  • Rightly or wrongly Mr worboys aylesbury fc are just trying to better their income by having once every 2 years a friendly with mk. .just like other local non league teams.Also trying to tap into their youth teams to loan players. don't see too much wrong with that.

  • @Aylesburyblue If you know how MKD came to be, surely you see how offensive, not to say ironic, it is that any non league team would cosy up to them.

  • @Aylesburyblue the relationship between Aylesbury fc and the franchise is far more insidious than a couple of friendlies. The franchise are using them to gain a foothold in the Vale.

  • I accept the point that MK Dons should not exist as a club, but is that the only reason why their behaviour is unacceptable? I say this because otherwise I'm struggling to distinguish between them marketing themselves beyond their natural catchment area and those who advocate Wanderers doing just that.

  • @Baldric For me that is the only reason, but there doesn't need to be another one does there?

  • @Baldric So an entity that should not exist can grow.

  • Let's hope MK Mongs overeach themselves and go bust, normally i wouldn't wish that on any club but this time i'll make an exception.

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