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Joe Jacobson's defending

Joe is one of the best attacking left backs we have had for years, but he has a frustrating tendency to back off way too much when attackers are heading towards goal. He backed off on one occasion in the second half for about twenty yards as the attacker piled in to our box, and didn't get the tackle in at all as the attacker released it. Harriman got much tighter and tackles a lot earlier.

Let's hope the new lad in defence improves, but you have to give him the benefit of the doubt as he has just come on board.


  • What a load of bollocks being a good defender doesn't mean diving into a tackle every time the opposition have the ball I thought he did great in that instance as the kid didn't know what to do and was waiting for a tackle then when was so close to the goal he panicked and played a ball straight to Ingram

  • JJ is a superb full back.

  • Janoi is not as good as our own players though !!

  • Good shout for a change Blue_w

  • not sure if thats why he was taken off just made sense as Sido was rampaging out of defence once he went into the middle and the goal came from Harriman being at right back.

  • Going to be interesting if we start with Janoi at CB. Prefered Sido and he could do a Mawson with those runs.

  • Janoi might just need to settle into the team, it must be tough to slot straight in to such a tight knit defence. Not everyone can be Alfie Mawson!

  • He didn't win one single header Chris.

  • He looked lost to me

  • Jodi Jones had JJ in his pocket and fortunately for us Jodi didn't exploit it due to his inexperience.

    Big shout to JJ playing with that gash on his forehead going for headers and when JJ did get closer and niggled Jodi he let him know this is League 2, thus subsequently went off with a knock.

  • It was a difficult day defensively. JJ had one of his least effective days and Janoi looked a little out of his depth. Given Tranmere supporters comments hopefully he'll adapt (or maybe we have been spoilt the last year or so). I think we were there for the taking so sitting back cost them. Having said that I thought we created more than we did against York - just the finishing was a little astray

  • Unless the Tranmere fans are wrong, Janoi will come good - he barely had 24 hours to train with the squad and gel, let alone get any match practice.

    Pierre, Rowe and Stewart personally know, and have played with other players in the defence over the last 2-3 seasons.

  • And he was nowhere for their goal stood the wrong side of AP and let MM in clean on goal. Not impressed (yet) but it was only one game...

  • Janoi did make up for it later on in the 2nd half, to be fair. Janoi didn't have much time to play in unison with our back 3 before being thrust into our side. So hopefully all is good for Crawley. On reflection we earned a good point and showed that never give up and die spirit. Never a dull moment with the Blues lol.

    So upwards and onwards.

  • I would phial Sido at centre back if our two CBs are still injured.

  • @Blue_since_1990 Sorry to be pedantic, but I genuinely have no idea what you mean. Do you mean "file"? Or are proposing some sort of test tube cloning process?

    On the original point, JJ gets tight and tackles when there is cover behind him. On the occasion I think you're thinking of, there was a massive gap behind him so he hung off.

  • is it me or is it obvious he meant to write play and has been auto-corrected as is often the case with BS1990. and no you're not sorry to be pedantic - you bloody love it! ;-)

  • Janoi would have had all week to train with the squad, just because the signing was only announced late on Thursday doesn't mean the deal was only completed then.

    Maybe he just isn't very good?

  • Jesus christ. So he's shit based on one debut performance?

    Even Pierre and Ingram have had poor games in the past.

  • Tranmere fans rated his performances in a poor side. I don't think he's rubbish, but it may well take time for him to settle. Question is if we can afford that time - he's only on loan for a month. Maybe that's GA being prudent, and he'll extend it for half a season if the lad performs.

  • Hi Lee Hagger. It's me - prince of pedants - and I would like to apologise for the uncalled-for OTT pedantry of one of my acolytes. But you're right - we do love it. We mostly acknowledge that it can be annoying but just can't help ourselves!!
    BTW (yes, I'm getting in to the lingo) I think you meant auto-INcorrected. :-)

  • Don't mind or care who starts or plays, but I hope it's based on merit and not on seniority or promises unless ofc it's a higher league player, who is being paid mainly by his parent club to help us out, otherwise a clean slate for our squad.

    No shirt should be nailed on unless you deserve it. Fight for that shirt with performances and game on.

  • Oakwood - it was meant to read 'play'.

  • @Blue_since_1990 and @LeeHagger I fully accept it was intended as "play". This genuinely did not occur to me though - I thought "file" was intended. But I quite liked the cloning joke so to that extent Lee is right that I enjoy the occasional lapse into pedantry.

    I don't think it's fair though to suggest that I or Micra or anyone else overindulges our pedantry. If someone just set themselves to criticise all the spelling and grammar errors on here it would be a full time job. And utterly tedious for all concerned.

  • "overindulge"

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