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  • Great report, thank you.

  • Giving Hayes a 5 is a little harsh, was taken off before he could do anything second half.

    Bean was no better than Wood today, but Sido was MOTM.

  • Disagree re Bean. He didn't have as good a game as recently, however he did serve a purpose in breaking up play to a degree. I am not sure what Wood really did of any use and can't understand why his form is so far below his great performances of last season.

  • I enjoyed the game yesterday, walking up Hillbottom Road I predicted a 1-0 loss. Our home form coming back to bite us on the arse again. Away from home we are a good side who grind out a result, and generally annoy the hell out of the opposition and their fans. Gareth needs to find a way to harness the away grit and determination along with guile and flair to produce home form that will intimidate opponents.
    On the plus side Gareth is making substitutions that seem to make a difference, and taking the captain off when required was beyond him a couple of seasons ago. Unbeaten after 4 it will do for me.
    As I said last week the perspective from behind the goal are a little different, but from where I stood McGinn comfortably man of the match.

  • I thought Beano did a good job of breaking up play though his final ball is a bit lacking.
    Sam Wood was anonymous today. Banton and Sellers were more of a threat when they came on, I felt. Have only seen York, Fulham and Daggers so far, but I reckon when Stewart and Rowe are fit again, we still have a fantastic defence for this division.

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