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Possible penalty shout in 2nd half

From my vantage right behind the goal at the Valley End, on approx. 75 mins I spotted one of the Daggers centre backs grabbing on the shoulders of a team mate to gain more uplift when jumping for the ball (unchallenged by one of our players). As far as I know, using a team-mate in this way is foul play (at least according to the 'You are the ref' feature in the 1991 Shoot Annual!), though I'm not sure whether it is punishable by a direct (i.e. penalty) or indirect free kick.
Does anyone know for sure whether that is a) actually foul play and then b) whether it is treated as the same as 'holding an opponent' as described in section 12 of the FA's Laws of the Game (and therefore a direct free kick) or under 'unsporting behaviour' that is not a listed direct free kick offence.

If it does turn out to be a penalty, I can hardly blame the ref as it is a pretty arcane law and there was zero protest from anyone in the Valley End or amongst the players.

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