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Match day thread: Dagenham & Redbridge



  • 4-1 Wycombe.

    All this talk of a banana skin won't come true.

  • Wycombe 2 Dagenham 0 for me.

  • Cureton out injured so McClure stats for Dagenham which should be good news.

  • Cue a bunch of morons behind the goal singing abuse at McClure all afternoon.

  • My first game listening on player up here in Nottingham. First Wycombe commentary game I've listened to since 1170am days.

  • McClure scores after 7 minutes, it just had to happen!

  • New lad at the back is having a mare so far!

  • D&R had a goal controversially disallowed just before HT.

  • McClure sent off

  • 1-1 Pierre!!

  • Thank god for Pierre!

    edited August 2015

    Very lucky to get anything from the game today, poor performance & hopefully that new lad can improve his game quickly, Thompson also really got on my nerves today far to much diving for my liking, however we've got 10 out of 12 fantastic start to the season onwards and upwards.

  • New CB was very poor and our midfield had an off day. Blanton added pace when he came on. Pierre is immense, I just hope we can hold onto him for the rest of the season.

  • Will we see Donacien again? Really poor debut - I don't think he won a single header cleanly. His positioning was awful. Surely he must be a better player than he showed us today?

  • I remember a certain Welsh player having 20 bad games before turning into a world beater winger. Admit that I don't think Donacien is a Gareth Bale but give the guy a chance

  • Stuart Roberts? 15 goals for Aberystwyth Town.

  • D&R Doidge is well known for his aerial prowess and usually beats alot of defenders with his flicks.

    Sorry but MCGinn and Wood were aweful and Bean too. 1st half we had no imagination and noone from midfield or upfront to take a man, their defenders lapped it up. 2nd half was a bit better and Banton at least scared D&G a bit.

    We miss Saunders type of player big time to link defence and midfield/forwards big time.

    Pierre and Sido were awesome and Holloway at least won a few flicks and kept their guys on there toes as well as Banton.

    Please GA play some of the younger players with some bloody pace.

  • Agree about McGinn and Bean. All the crosses into the box were poor apart from the one at the end. JJ and Wood struggled to make the wide-play count.

    Completely disagree about Banton, he just looks scared everytime he gets the ball.

  • I thought second half McGinn looked good on the ball maybe a lack of penetration and the killer pass but his ball retention is very good. Paul hayes was very very quiet today. Harriman looks good until he made some bad mistakes

  • Today's game was very similar to the home game against the Daggers last season. We huffed and puffed with a fair amount of possession in their half but failed to really open them up. They scored with one of their few chances after a defensive lapse and we get a late (this time, late late) equaliser.
    Quite frustrating for us, though the elation of that last-gasp winner will keep spirits higher than they would otherwise been if we'd equaliser 10-15 mins earlier in the game.

    Individually we had too many players who weren't quite at the races. It just felt like that little was going to fall for us in front of goal, and the chances we did get we didn't make the keeper work hard enough to make his saves. Grinding a result out of a trying afternoon is a good sign, hopefully we can put it behind us and get back to winning ways in Crawley.

  • Taking Hayes, our Captain, off I thought was a mistake. Slightly quiet in the first half but not more than any one else. He can change a game. And McGinn made a few decent chances after 85 minutes but did nothing before that.

  • Wasn't there but it sounds a disappointing show, particularly from the new loanee. However, he was kind of thrown in at the deep end, and with big shoes to fill, Rowe and Stewart are quality CBs.

    I've only seen Banton once for us (at Barnet) and he did not impress but that's clearly not enough to judge a player. It can go either way, Plymouth warned us that Cowan-Hall was shite (clearly not true) just like they did with Banton, but by the same token, Banton wouldn't be the first player signed largely on the strength of a blinder against us that flatters to deceive (hi Stefan Oakes).

    But you will never get players without flaws at this level anyway, it's just the nature of the beast.

    Seemed like an incredible number of shots on goal though.

    Did McClure get a decent reception? If he got booed by any idiots, I'm almost glad he scored.

  • Banton reminded me of Joel Grant when he first came here - nice touch and could beat a full-back with trickery or raw pace. He also put in some very good balls from both flanks and almost scored cutting on from the left and shooting from 20 yards, but seemed to get a little disheartened by not having made an immediate impact. Joel Grant got better once he developed a steelier side and a determination to keep trying if at first he didn't succeed, Banton could really make an impact if he could improve in this way too I feel.

  • Very poor show today, Donacien, Wood and McGinn were especially dire and I think we need a fair few changes for Crawley

    That said 10/12 points is excellent, it's just typical Wycombe that we always cock up games like this

  • And further to that, the prat of a steward who held onto the ball for ages then just dropped it onto the pitch - allowing the Dagenham keeper to take ages to get it, should be reprimanded

  • @PBo McLure seemed to get a decent reception from where I was sat. Helped that he didn't make a big deal of his goal, and when he was sent off there was little by way of the usual `cheerio' gloating. Hope he continues to thrive at the Daggers. Deserves a good injury-free run.

  • Was there much evidence of an understanding between Sido and Harriman today? I noticed at Barnet that the two didn't seem to click, none of the wonderful overlapping attacking that we used to get with Fred or Paris playing in front of Sido.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover - thanks, good to hear, it always depresses me when we slag off an ex-player without justification.

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