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Ellison and Edwards given 3 match bans

Nice to see the pair punished for Tuesday night's idiocy.


  • That is excellent. I saw the hair pulling on the highlights and it was frankly outrageous behaviour.

  • Great news.

  • Both pulled Bean's hair from behind the f*cking cowards!

  • for the news. Been through their forum and so far there's only one 'What about Wycombe?' statement.

  • I remember someone tugging Sergio's hair on the pitch and getting away with it. Does anyone remember who it was?

  • DOFL Some of their fans seem to think it's all our fault because we are tw@ts and cheating b@st@rds. Ellison is the most pereniel wind up merchant and thug going. Sour grapes.

  • still want to see the 'playground hair pulling' can anyone copy it from Player highlights to here?

  • pretty embarrassing from Ellison. He acts the big hard man but clearly didn't fancy it with Pierre at the end, who appeared to be simply laughing at the twat. So he had a little cheap shot at Bean. Pathetic stuff

  • Some pretty one-eyed comments on the Morecambe site. Whatever happened during the game the hair pulling was completely unprovoked. Why should any Wycombe player be banned?

  • Quite - any misdeamours committed by our players were duly punished at the time with yellow cards. That's how the rules work.

  • 'It takes two to tango' - one to have hair, and one to pull it? Idiots.

  • Actually I thought the majority of comments weren't too bad and realise what an embarrassment Ellison is

  • @Chris - Starting to sound rather like the quote attributed (but in no way confirmed) to Roy McDoughnut after some Col U lowlifes smacked some Wycombe fans (at Adams Park I think):

    "It takes two to fight - one to punch, the other to stand there and be punched."

  • I've watched it back a few times now and you can almost see the desperation on Ellison's face to start something well before his cheap shot towards Bean. If anything, Edwards is worse - a sly tug on the dreads when he thinks no-one's watching followed by an angelic 'I've done nothing' gesture. Pathetic and cowardly.

    The reference on their forum to the game there last year is amusing in so much that the player that wound them up then now plays for... ...Morecambe.

  • Some of the Shrimpers fans on their forum aren't the brightest, even our brainbox friend Trevor pulled them up on their use of English

  • I'm disappointed with the reaction of the Shrimpers fans. The actions of these two players was plainly stupid and unprofessional and has given their manager a headache yet the blinkers can't come off even for that.

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  • Great professionalism from Bean. Dealt with it in exactly the right way. Simms up the whole positive ethos of Ainsworth's squad.

  • Bean did incredibly well not to turn round and knock the prick out. As much as I'd love to have seen that.

  • Loving the 'Ellison's Hairpull' IPA in the Vere Suite.

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