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Last night

Finally arrived home at 5am after the journey from Hell down the M6. A few reflections on the game. Our rejigged back four were outstanding, particularly Harriman and that colossus Pierre. The midfield standout was once again Marcus Bean, who had another great game. Hayes Holloway and Thommo worked tirelessly up front all night in a game of few chances...When Morecambe attacked it was with some speed and purpose, and we did well to produce yet another clean sheet. There was handbags at the end of the game which nearly resulted in a major punch up. Ellison was the main stirrer as usual - this bald slime ball is as odious a piece of work you will ever find on a football pitch.

Shocking support and numbers from the home team, but the 181 chair boys who made the game were noisy throughout and were really Wycombe's 12th man tonight, a terrific effort from all those that made the long long trip.


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