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Punk Band (trio) from Durham

FAO @M3G : could you remind me please of the band you drew my attention to a few months ago?
My granddaughter is going to the Reading Festival in a couple of weeks and I noticed that one of the headliners is a band called Limp Bisket or something. Don't think that was it.


  • Apologies folks - was sure I specified "Not Football". Dr Congo will sort this/me out!

  • @M3G has probably fainted at the thought of Limp Bizkit being mentioned in the same breath as the word punk.

  • Bear trade?

  • Lol It was Gimp Fist From Bishop Auckland.

    A couple of tracks from the new album for you and playing to a packed Empress Ballroom last Friday at Rebellion, Sorry for the self indulgence.

    Limp bizkit - Not my cup of tea unfortunately. Give me Rancid and Agnostic front over them anyday!

  • Got you going there!! Never heard the Limps so apologies for any offence!
    Remember enjoying the Gimp sound a good time ago on here and will share the indulgence later. Player commentary comes first. COUYB.

  • I can't believe Limp Bizkit are still going!

  • I saw them at Reading must be 20 years ago now.

  • If you want to hear a seriously excellent new old-school punk band then check out Bad Breeding from (sorry) Stevenage.

  • Chris Barber's still going after 65 years (but that's a different story!)

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