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Last Night's Open Forum

I missed last night's meeting through illness but have spoken to one of the people I let down at the 11th hour! He described it as "friendly and positive". I had thought that there might have been an announcement of something fairly major - the return of Sam Saunders, for example.

My friend was particularly impressed by Joe Jacobson who spoke (intelligently and articulately as always) about his future plans outside football which put into context his readiness to play somewhere where he was happy and could enjoy his football even if he was earning rather less than he might have done elsewhere.

All in all, it sounds like it was an encouraging evening all round - thankfully devoid of controversy and animosity!

All I could glean on the injury front was that Pierre wanted to play on Tuesday but GA was not prepared to risk him. I said in an earlier post that I was concerned about Anthony Stewart limping of after that game so, depending on the severity of his "knock", Danny Rowe (who was superb on Tuesday) may be partnering Pierre. Or he may play in midfield? He's surely too good to be warming the bench.


  • "......limping off..."

  • Cant say I have seen either game yet, although hope to make my first appearance of season at AP v Dagenham (dont make many home games these days, can someone send me a map!).

    Personally I think Rowe will make far more appearances this season at CB than in midfield and I would expect him to be in the first choice pairing.
    Stewart may theoretically be our third best player, but if no 1 and no2 are also both CBs, then I am afraid he must wait his turn on the bench.

  • I have to say it was a really positive meeting. The players are clearly very happy at the club, and agree on the above about Jacobson (and his Mrs works for Ralph Lauren!)

    Both Hayes and Thomson spoke about bringing the best out of Holloway, saying he has the potential to go a lot further.

    It was a really lighthearted evening, a lot of laughter. Especially when asked about superstitions and Thommo said he didn't have any. Before saying he always boo his right book on first, forgets quite a lot so has to take his left boot off and start again.

    He then said he likes to come out of the tunnel last. So that's 2 superstitions then Thommo.

  • Perhaps Thommo should just try a different author?

  • Any other snippets from last night for those that couldn't make it?

  • Best DevC post ever.

  • Did you go to the Everton game @DevC

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