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League Cup Second Round

Just scanning through the draw for the second round of the League Cup and it really struck me how uninspiring the available possible draws would have been if we had got part Fulham. To be honest if Fulham is the benchmark only Newcastle and possibly QPR would be more interesting and potentially money spinning. It's fast becoming another competition where any financial gain only occurs if you get through two or three rounds.


  • is financial gain the only benchmark of it being worthwhile?

  • It seemed to be a factor in the managers pre match press interviews but I agree with you to a certain extent. Our last two major cup runs didn't contain to many money spinning ties until the later rounds but the excitement and enjoyment wasn't diminished.

    I wonder if looking at it another way might produce the same thought. How many names in the hat would bring a level of excitement to the floating supporter? How many teams would have interested those making a match by match decision of coming to watch?

  • Not often I sense I agree with RITM, but on this one I might.

    I am not sure I see the point of the League Cup any more. fans tend to be uninterested, clubs tend to be uninterested. Only gets interesting to clubs in the last couple of rounds, so yes the old argument that I bet fans of whoever got to last years final (anybody truthfully remember or care without looking it up) would applly ot them but them only.

    For me I like the FA cup (much diminished from the old days sadly)
    I actually like the LDV (or whatever it is called now), as reasonable chance for lower level clubs to get a day out at Wembley.
    I would scrap the League Cup (which is just a pale imitation of and detractor from the FA cup).

  • I wouldn't scrap the competition. It's history and heritage deserves better. I think I was just trying to point out how unexciting the 'best league in the world' is once you take out the top few sides.

  • History and heritage? Please elaborate.

    In an age when cups are considered less valuable, I think in broadly replicating the FA Cup, the league cup simply acts to diminish that competition, clutters the fixture list and serves no discernable purpose whatsoever. I'd can it.

  • Personally I just enjoy having more games to go to. Although in previous years there was a bit more excitement for me in getting to see some of the fringe players in action in the JPT. Now we don't really have fringe players as such.

    Having said that I'd love to see us have a real go at the JPT, as with our squad it isn't beyond U.S. To win the competition.

  • I agree Devc. Irrelevant competition, our squad size really prevents any meaningful long run as well, and could cause us some difficult injury concerns. Being of more senior years I still have a real affection for the F A Cup, and will always find this more exciting than the League Cup. Can't abide the JPT thingy or Birds Eye Fish Fingers Cup or whatever it's called.

  • League Cup is a complete waste of time and should be scrapped.

    Nobody cares about it, Premier League clubs included, until they reach the quarter finals. Then suddenly said club starts piping on about what an important competition it is.

    Load of old bollocks.

  • I will never forget how depressed I felt losing to Aylesbury in the Berks & Bucks Cup Final replay in 1986. President's Cup (Capital League), FA Trophy, FA Cup we used to go to them all.

  • Whenever someone who doesn't like football asks you if there is too much football on television nowadays, look them staright in the eye and say, ..'My friend, there simply isn't enough.' It drives them mad.

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