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What did Dave Winfield do

To deserve the dogs abuse from a section of our fans behind the goal on Saturday. Can someone remind me?



  • nothing, signing that vile song they sang at beavon at burton ... lacking braincells most of those tools in the terrace.

  • Nothing I can think of. Unfortunately like many of our former players who return with other clubs a minority seem to think that justifies pointless abuse. distribution Dave was never the greatest but I don't think he ever shirked his responsibilities for us, or Marrvin come to that. I wish they'd focus their chants on something more positive, pleasant to the ear and therefore more likely to get others joining in with them.

  • remember Michael Simpson booed for having the temerity to earn a living at another club after being shown the door by WWFC after long outstanding service. Brainless.

  • We do seem to have a cluster of nob heads behind the goal......

  • Winfield turned down a new contract I believe, not as bad as Beavon's refusing to play on the morning of the match.

  • I can't remember Winfield's departure being particularly lamented at the time, certainly not since. The chant that was repeated was pathetic and an embarrassment to the club.

  • I liked Dave Winfield. I wouldn't have him over any of our current defenders, but he was a good player for us. I especially enjoyed his contribution to the Macclesfield brawl.

    That song was an embarrassment at Burton, and it'll be an embarrassment every time it's sung.

  • Im glad people agree, Dave Winfield was a terrific player for us and we offered him a deal and he decided to move to Shrewsbury which Im sure he now realises was a mistake and wishes he has stayed.

  • Winfield was fine for us for the 2nd part of his last season with us. In fact he was a colossus in the middle at the back. The problem was his wife had just had a child, we offered him a 1 year extension and Shrewsbury offered him a 2 year deal at a higher level and by presumption more wages? Who could blame him?

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    Agreed the chant is a disgrace, yoof seem to think such language is part of football, it's not it's puerile and ignorant. We need a song to welcome ex players that is positive about our club / what they are missing not negative about their careers, to drown out the apes.

  • Whilst certainly not worthy of abuse my memory of Winfield was started well (exciting signing) then sucked big time to the point of embarrassment then for the last few months of his final season improved and got a move up the leagues.
    Thats a fact of life. Do I like that we carried him for a large portion of his contract - no, is he due booing - no. He was like Luke Oliver for large spells, looked like he was trying but seriously no good. Pretty much like Saturday.

  • Seeing how much abuse certain players get while they are wearing the quarters its hardly a suprise those same morons abuse ex players. Winfield was decent for us. He's not on the same level of the centre halves we had last year but few are and we should consider ourselves lucky to have them rather than abuse a decent hard working (fairly young) pro

  • There is a mindless section behind the goals who disgrace our great club. Wish they would go and watch someone else. Idiots.

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    If you wanted to tell them to their (virtual) faces you'll probably find some of them on the WWFC Facebook group - a significant chunk of the members seem to enjoy indulging in 'banter', basically winding other members up and arguing amongst themselves over the most ridiculous things.

    I must admit that I'm rather curious to know what the song is that was aimed at Dave Winfield, as I couldn't hear a word of it from where I was sat in the Frank Adams. Although judging by what others have alluded to perhaps I'm better off not knowing.

  • It was to the tune of DJ Otzi's "Hey Baby" and the last word rhymed with punt.

    I did feel it was very unwarranted, but I did have a little chuckle as I'm fairly immature.

  • That song, aimed at Beavon away to Burton, is possibly the most embarrassing singing I've ever heard from Wycombe fans. Utterly pathetic.

  • Although I'm in my 50s sit in the Frank Adams and look forward to my half time coffee I don't expect every other supporter to be a clone of me.
    Yes we have a percentage of fu*kwits but no more than any other league team and probably a good deal less.

  • I agree it was strong , not so sure I agree with some people minimising players leaving as just going from one job to another , football is more than just that . Historically fans appreciate loyalty and dislike perceived disloyalty and this is certainly not unique to WWFC . I thought personally that Beavon was disloyal , refusing to train/play ect ... and I remember at the time feeling that distribution Dave was jumping ship somewhat .... I think people do need to accept that ex players getting abuse is quite common accross the board and it does add to the atmosphere of the match . I do accept however that the language used was not necessarily acceptable and probably offensive to some people . Personally , taking the content of the language aside for one moment , I could at least understand the gripe with Winfield. The one that did confuse me was the abuse levied at McCoy . If my memory serves me correctly he was released from the club and therefore showed no disloyalty . Although I did not applaud the content of the Winfield chant at least it was fairly to the point and had reason . The McCoy chant confused me as to it's justification and made me cringe as it was trying to take the piss about him having a small cock and I found this chant far more immature in nature .

  • Footballers moving between clubs is nothing more then going from one job to may not like people minimising it but surely it's the people that take it way to seriously that need to look at things with a bit more reality. People criticising any player who left the club are just a bit strange. Support them while they play for the club and ignore them when they've left.

  • I sit in the FA and the majority appllauded marvinwhen he left the field, i think both him and dave w did a job for the club when they were here, neither of them did much against us Saturday so why not give them a clap.

  • Having to listen to such stuff, albeit from a small minority, does put many people off from attending Bear that in mind when thinking about attendance figures.

  • LX1LX1
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    The question should not be 'What did Dave Winfield do?' rather 'What would Dave Winfield do?'

    Whenever I find myself in difficult situations I ask myself this question and everything normally turns out fine.

  • Me no understand.

  • @LX1 said:
    The question should not be 'What did Dave Winfield do?' rather 'What would Dave Winfield do?'

    Whenever I find myself in difficult situations I ask myself this question and everything normally turns out fine.

    I usually ask myself what would Gandhi do.
    Well I like Gandhs peaceful protest and meditation I do like Dave Winfield no nonsense centre halfing. . which one is best there's only one way to find out FIGHT

  • Recently a man approached me in the street asking if I would like to donate to charity.

    I pondered this for a minute, and then thought "What would big Dave do?"

    I proceeded to shoulder barge the young man, so he lost possession of his collection bucket. I then kicked the bucket away in a no-nonsense fashion as far as I could.

  • More than likely he would have missed the bucket and finished up on his arse.

  • Surely, surely, it's "What would Dave Carroll do?"

  • @OakwoodExile Here we go, another God-bothered!

    No doubt you want the kick-offs moved by 5 minutes too!

  • @bill_stickers If Dave Carroll asked us to kick off at there minutes past midnight on a Thursday we would have to agree. But he wouldn't, because he's Dave Carroll

  • Yea and verily Dave sent the Preston left and they went left then he confounded them and went right.

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