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Being quicker to make substitutions

Perhaps my biggest frustration yesterday was that we did not make any subs at half time. I was amazed our front two stayed on as neither were having any impact. Holloway should have been straight on as we just were not winning any headers. Sadly it was like last season all over again as the ball was just coming straight back. I am a big fan of Ainsworth but I think he needs to be more decisive with making subs earlier in the game.


  • Holloway may not be a perfect striker but he is infinitely better than Craig and McClure. At least he can control a ball with back to goal and bring others into play. Craig too frequently jumps under the ball and hopes for a free kick (which he rarely gets even though he constantly whinges that he's been fouled) and McClure pretty much does the same.

    Plus, why do our players so rarely anticipate a situation? We miss out on stopping opposing team's attacks and building our own because we are so often on the back foot and reacting (slowly) to what has unfolded rather than anticipating where the ball should/could go.. Or at least having a clue about where it might go. I know it's only one example in a long match but Murphy's ponderous play on the edge of our box yesterday was an example of that.

    Sunday moan over. Onto 3pts next match

  • Regarding Murphy, wish he had the licence to do that alot more from midfield, that was an excellent cut back for MCclure.

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