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Football League Tonight

God that was bad. When Mad
Dog M.A has far more charisma than either of the presenters it's time to hit the panic button. Someone bring back the Football League Show.


  • An embarrassing attempt at a football show. George Riley and Kelly Cates must wonder what they've let themselves in for. The football should provide the entertainment - not having people wandering round a studio like Top Gear. Constantly switching from league to league didn't help either. I'd like to hear Alsn Parry's views on this pathetic attempt at a football show. Shame it involved the Football League.

  • This doesn't sound promising. I have recorded it. Can anyone tell me at what minute I can see the WWFC goals?

  • 58.10 on five on demand - it's about two & a half minutes after the last ad break.

    The show doesn't seem that bad to me (although I skipped through most of it), no sign of Steve Claridge.

    Onyedinma and Akinde both seemed to have had a good start to the season from the highlights.

  • Like all new live shows they need time to get things right. I didn't mind it even with adverts when i could have a piss or grab another beer from the fridge.

  • What always amazes me is the gimps that stand around looking 'interested'. Who in their right mind would want to do that....their 5 minutes of 'fame' I suppose.

  • Just watched it on 5 OD. What a pile of utter tripe. Too many people "floating around like turds on a sewer leak". No real format, character less numptys standing around like they were in Weatherspoons for happy hour. Just what the heck was that all about. I think I'd rather put up with Claridge and get it back to the beeb.

  • Truly awful ........ Kelly Cates is a shocking presenter daughter of Kenny Dalglish is that how u get on TV now !!!

  • Martin Allen is in terrible condition aswell, how long before Barnet get rid as he never does any good for more than 1 season.

  • Wasn't impressed either on 5OD. Sorry but Kelly Cates out of her depth. Format leads alot to be desired. Any as long as I don't have to wait till 1am in the morning anymore but then I have to watch catup. Can't have it both ways can I.

  • Nothing wrong with a manager's paunch @blueh_w !! Bob Paisley,Fergie,Cloughie all had ample Ned Kelly's and didnt do bad.
    I happen to think that a decent tum tum, proves your constantly out looking at players and quaffing pies on the hoof, and not poncing about in gym's.

  • "Top Gear meets Soccer AM" was clearly the elevator pitch for that show. They managed to end up with something that makes Sky look like BBC4 though. Even ITV's football league highlights show wasn't this bad.

  • Tad harsh me thinks give it time although I thought the obligatory blonde presenter was poor. Just having it on at a sensible time makes it watchable.

  • @drcongo

    The old ITV football league highlights show at least didn't have any of this social media rubbish. The BBC's highlights show was greatly improved when they dispensed with the social media nonsense was cut out.

  • I don't mind either presenter - they've just been saddled with an awful format. What is the point of that un-miked up audience, all the walking about, the cardboard league tables.

    I think the worst bit was Michael Vaughan's low quality video clip, amazingly shot in the wrong aspect. But he's a celebrity so that's ok.

    What's the warped vinyl record faux-punk theme tune about as well?

    And for those of us who don't want to line uncle Rupert's pockets, no HD broadcast either.

    Hopefully it'll improve. I'm not forgetting how dull the BBC effort was on the rush to lionise it.

  • I actually don't think it is any worse than the BBC effort, let's judge in a few weeks time, although the league tables are a bit 80's gameshow.

  • A right dog's dinner. Too much prattling on, cliched camera work whizzing from one side of the studio to the other, jumping about from one division to another, almost felt that the actual match highlights were an afterthought. And what was the point of the audience? Soccer AM's not the right example to follow for a show like this.

  • As someone who only really watches the Wycombe highlights I got quite used to starting the programme on 65 minutes last season on the BBC. Having scanned through the first Channel Five effort I'm not sure I'll have that luxury as it appears the highlights might appear at any time. Nice to have some increased Football League focus but for me any programme using social media for views goes down in my estimation straight away

  • Did see a Wycombe training top being sported by some fella in the background at one point.
    Kelly used to drink in the pubs in burnham beeches....thought i had a chance one night but was looking back on it i was probably too relaxed at the time.
    George rey doesnt look like he sounds on the radio....

    Random thoughts, late here in istanbul and a tad relaxed....

  • Riley.... Damn typing on iPhone

  • No better than last week I'm afraid. Our game's highlights done and dusted in around 10 seconds. Penalty kick shown without any footage of what led up to it. To make it worse, extended chats with Jamie Cureton throughout. Please bring back Manish!

  • Aye it's pretty poor that they don't have the penalty incident. Let's hope the Player highlights are as comprehensive as last week.

  • It had one improvement in that they showed the highlights in a sane order. It's still scraping the bottom of the barrel from underneath it though.

  • Another improvement was that you could see the whole of their 'Shoot' style league tables.

    The most tragic aspect of it all is some of the supporters hanging about in the background are on Twitter believing themselves to be TV celebrities. I'm pretty certain some of those attending were tourists dragged off the street and assorted office staff and cleaners.

  • It was shockingly bad wasn't it. How can they have got it so wrong? Is it aimed at teens?

  • Thought I'd seen similar production value before...

  • I think the Football league show got it just about right in fact I preferred it to MOTD .Steve and Leroy didn't pretend they could do any better than a manager but instead gave fair analysis of the game and Manish asked the right questions from a layman's point of view .I really enjoyed the report from a different club each week.
    It's obvious 5 have spent the budget on getting the rights and put no thought into the program trouble is we are stuck with it now .

  • On the plus side, the Player highlights were excellent again (except for the commentator seeming to confuse Jacobson and Pierre). Let's hope it carries on for the rest of the season.

  • I wondered if the commentator was a Barnet man.

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