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Vere Suite

Am I right in thinking the Vere Suite is now open to all, rather than members only?

Also, do they show matches on BT Sport in there or is it only Sky matches?



  • The Vere is open to all with no entrance fee. AFAIK, there is no BT Sport, just Sky.

  • Saturday there were a few away fans in there, I thought that Scores was for the away? No bother but when in march some yoots where fila tracky tops and city hats on did wonder why the door stewards didn't send them down to scores....

  • Think it's usually either the small bar next to Scores for the Accrington Stanleys of this world, or the marquee for bigger teams. Personally (with exceptions) I welcome away supporters in the Vere. Can usually have a laugh with them and don't remember anything much in the way of bother.

  • Except when its full and Wycombe fans can't get cos there's aload of away fan in!

  • On occasions where the Vere Suite might be 'full of away fans', the marquee is opened. And are you really that insecure that you can't enjoy a drink in the presence of fellow decent football supporters?

  • NO I don't want to stand in a marquee in a car park thank you - simple as that and I support and as I help fund this club (through season ticket, club shop, bar sales etc) I expect that I am treated as a valued customer - is that too much to ask?

  • The away fans only are given the tent and home fans only the Vere Suite on occasions when there is going to be a large away following and the Vere Suite is going to be full!

  • Stop moaning

  • @LX1 said:
    Stop moaning

    You've not come across @FrijidPink before have you?

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