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  • Uncle_T

    @micra 'Weston' is correct. Weston Shore is to the East of Southampton, 2 miles as the crow flies from where I lived while growing up.

    June 24
  • MikeW

    Hi micra. Recently heard that I've scored a mention in one of your comments. Thanks for your kind words. Still have many memories of covering the Wanderers all those years ago. Very best wishes to you, your fellow Wycombe fans and the Wanderers themselves for the new season. Cheers from Adelaide, Mike Whitesman

    June 15
  • NorsQuarters

    Yer probably right man, just balancing the universe after reading the unending positivity! I am pleased as punch to do the double over C*lu, always looking to improve, that’s all. It was a great result, great game and by all accounts a great atmosphere. Long may it continue

    January 16
  • perfidious_albion

    Micra agreed embarrassing late night nonsense, should never have opened that last bottle, I did prefer the earlier less manic more culture Sweet Luke though, hope he plays a calmer game this season, & I stand by the Saunders / Beano combo, got to have one man on the team who frustrates and delights in equal measure.

    June 2017