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Poor old ticket office staff

Just secured my tickets for the home game, having tried several times yesterday to get through on the phone but line was permanently engaged, so keep trying today and eventually got on the back of the queue. Apparently there are just two people manning the phones, hence the difficulty in actually getting through. Hats off to them, very busy week ahead and I would not want to swap with them.


  • I just got mine and I have to say the young lady I spoke to was very helpful so well done. Yes it might have been better to get more people on but really are they going to sell the ground out?

    I think that, IF we do get to Wembley however, they will need more people answering phones as I'm sure there will be a great many "I've supported Wycombe since I was a lad, is Dave Carroll still playing?" brigade who will be on the phone demanding tickets.........

  • I imagine the main issue at this stage is because tickets are only open to STH they can't sell any online. Once general sale goes ahead the phone lines won't be so busy. Bit of a wait this morning to get through but great, efficient service as ever.

  • My seat for home leg secured...might take me sandwiches to the Vere Suite for away.
    It's been 'very busy' apparently. Which I suppose is good financially.

  • And the youngling I spoke to was very efficient and helpful. Will she get a percentage I wonder?

  • Called from abroad yesterday, flying in for the game (season ticket holder but didn't plan for play offs) and the girl I spoke to after being in the queue for 20 mins was excellent, they are clearly doing all they can with the staff they have. Let's hope that when we make the final at Wembley a few more staff could be taking calls!

  • If we get to the final the tickets will be sold via Ticketmaster.

    [insert rant here]

  • See Tickets I believe.

  • Typical, that means every ticket will have a fee attached!

  • @eric_plant Good job Mr. Monsoon isn't reading this.

  • I know it's a completely different level but I work in Derby and remember the pain of colleagues using See Tickets for last years playoff finals. Site was barely functional and as @M3G mentions - a fee for everything.

  • £3 per ticket I understand.

  • See below - £41/£36 for the Conference, plus booking fee and postage.
    You even have to pay £1.95 for the privilege of picking up the tickets yourself!

  • Yeah it's great to see them doing the job we pay them for!

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