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  • Bad news about Sam Saunders. I was hoping he would be back sooner.

  • 2-1 ?? more likely to be 5-5

  • @rmjlondon why do you bother posting on the forum of a team you obviously do not support?
    Seems to be time you could more usefully spend looking for new profile pictures

  • do not support ? I have not missed a game for 4 seasons

  • oh sorry...just a lot of the players and the manager then...?

  • Makes you wonder what goes in training for another player to get injured!!!!!

  • I presume they train - physical exercise and at times contact. Injuries part of the game I'm afraid. Always was always will be.

  • Also curious that Saunders injury is being described as having occurred in training, when he was clearly seen to have an ice pack strapped to the calf muscle of one leg after being substituted against Port Vale; from which I had presumed it to be a calf injury/condition triggered during that match that has keeping him out of playing action.

  • Wycombe (2 points better off)
    After 4 games this season the Chairboys are 8th with 7 points
    After 4 games last season they were 15th with 5 points

    I thought we'd been relegated already?

  • That's the beauty of going to watch the matches, you can make judgements beyond just the results...

  • I've seen two games so far this season and seen six Wycombe goals.

  • And I thought Tuesday night was one of our performances of the season going was like the one touch warm up drills we do before the game for real

  • Quite, @onlooker. I've watched those warm-up games and marveled at the wonderful skill and freedom of spirit that is to be seen in them. Quite a joy to watch for five minutes. Last season, I almost never saw anything remotely resembling that approach in matches. This season, I sense they're getting closer. Port Vale was just like it for much of the game and there have been other outbreaks including Tuesday. I can live with a flaky defence if the upside is some fluent football (and we win!).

  • If we win every game 3 -2 I will be happy

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