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Match day thread: Portsmouth



  • Portsmouth were not good, and we made them look something. Luton fair play last week were very good but lost today to a poor side in Grimsby. Maybe things will settle down but I doubt it.

  • Club going through a dip, @trevor surfaces again, predictable.

  • We are the masters of our own downfall - play a cracking first half then just before the break get it back to 2-2 - then silly handball and soft penalty see us going in losing 3-2 at half time. Second half silly foul throw gives them the ball and then its 4-2 - Pompey cruised along from that point on and could have been more Some good points - at points in the first half we took the game to them and gave it a go. some bad points - giving the ball away, inability to pass - giving away silly free kicks - goalkeeper very indecisive at times. Lots of people ejected from the ground on both sides - strange game in many ways - played well enough at points to win but got thumped again. Not sure where this season will take us.

  • Problem is the dip is now nine months long, and the cavalry's three months away. The longer people underestimate the issues, the harder they will be to resolve. Optimists are fine; lemmings - not so good.

  • Agreed leapfrog,1 win in 15 league games under Ainsworth,will he beat the 1 in 17 games 3 seasons ago? Some will say we have different players this season so the last 8 games of last season don't count but i disagree as we had the same manager.

  • I always thought the manager made a team?

  • @robin , is it really 1 win in 15 league games now?! Pro rata to 3 wins in a whole season! That is pretty worrying stated like that

  • Malone the only win was a 2-1 victory over Grimsby, we didn't win any of our last 8 games last season on top of our poor start in this one.

  • Don't want Ainsworth to go personally but I think he has got 2 or 3 games to prove his worth now.

    First half today was ok, second half was atrocious and quite frankly just boring. Didn't appear to be any fight in the players at all. Atmosphere also pretty dire.

  • I am a Gareth fan and still hope that he will save himself. We won't have two more difficult away games this season. However time is fast running out and he desperately needs a win. Stevenage will be very difficult. Positives are thin on the ground but Hayes appears to be back to form which I believe will bring us more goals and entertainment at home. Long season and I still believe that GA will be in charge in May.

  • Should have bailed out with Betfair Exchange (but at 6/1 I was optimistic that we would have our wicked way v Pompey), I had hope then their equaliser, oh well, worth a punt and Hayes hit the target in open play, so that's a plus and we've played two of the favourites, out the way.

    I'm keeping positive, can see us getting a result (good result is all 3 points), against Stevenage, hopefully longer odds for our win.

  • We gifted them 3 of those goals - real howlers.

  • Wow... Their 3rd goal. How easy does our defence and keeper want to make it?

  • That third goal should lead to fines for at least 2 of our boys, scandalous errors.

  • Probably handball in the build up for their third, but terrible defending thereafter. Disappointing to see Blackman get beaten at the near post for the 4th, and the 1st was a total mess.

    If only Wood hadn't hit the bar at 1-0.

  • Talking of the build up for their 3rd, Danny Rowe missing the ball completely instead of heading it to safety was just terrible

  • @eric_plant said:
    Talking of the build up for their 3rd, Danny Rowe missing the ball completely instead of heading it to safety was just terrible

    Almost identical to bloomfield at crawley

  • It's a clear handball for the 3rd goal, but that can't hide our own failings. Rowe, Sido & Blackman should all have done better. Super finish mind! Blackman appeared to be at fault for 3 of the goals, not a good day for him.

  • In fairness to the referee and his assistant on the far side, neither of them were in a position to be able to see the handball by the Pompey player as he was facing away from both of them, and the ref's positioning is actually fairly good. Dreadful error from Rowe to fail to clear the ball in the first place, and what is Blackman doing off his line from that range/angle!?

    It appears that we are finally seeing how spoilt we've been in previous years with Ingram, Mawson and McCarthy, all three were far too good for League 2 for the majority of their time with us.

  • Third goal - Rowe and Stewart committed to clearances by heading the ball, and both missed. Blackman was not off his line but was beaten by a clever finish.
    The 'keeper was at fault, however, for both the first (failure to hold a shot) and the fourth goals (beaten at the near post) although he wasn't given much help by Harriman's feeble challenge for the deep cross, or by Jombati's "walkabout" leaving Tommo to try to fill in at right back in order to try to prevent the ball being crossed in the first place.
    Poor defensive effort all round really.

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