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The future of our season

With a number of new players coming in this season I felt like GA was displaying and making a statement of intent and I was pretty optimistic on us having a good season (I still like to think and hope we do).

Already a few games in and we're looking rather uninspired and we seem to have picked up from where we ended last season, especially when it comes to creating chances in the final third.

I know I have jumped around with the previous points, but my real question is what do we need to do to push on this season and also, where do you see us finishing?



  • sorry to say it but I cannot see the benefit of what hayes woodie and blooms bring to the side when we are chasing a game. work rate is good but it is what they do not bring when we have the ball that isworrying

  • forgot to say I think mid table finish unless we create and then start scoring more goals than what we concede

  • @baxter surely mid table is optimistic/impossible with that equation?

  • We will need hell of a lot of luck to finish mid table!

  • Taking 2016 so far in to account I'd bite your arm off for mid table.

  • We're relegation fodder this season I fear.

  • Relegation struggle. Not so much from the potential of the talent assembled, but from the management team's ability to coax a structured effective performance from them. If I was Pierre and there was a sniff of a move this week, I'd be charging out the door. Bad times.

  • I too, fear that Pierre may be poached by another club. Does anyone know what was said to/by Hayes, after the final whistle went?

  • I think it might be best if Pierre does leave before Weds. It'd be better to have a motivated De Havilland or Muller in the team then a demotivated Pierre, angry that Mawson is in the Premier League while he's stuck in at the basement of League Two. The doomsday scenario is if someone comes in for Stewart as well before Weds!

  • It would be a disaster if Pierre leaves.

  • @aloysius said:
    a demotivated Pierre, angry that Mawson is in the Premier League while he's stuck in at the basement of League Two.

    Bit melodramatic isn't it?

  • edited August 2016

    @arnos_grove maybe so - but assuming that contract with Swansea is signed in the next couple of days - not necessarily inaccurate!

  • More emphasis on playing football, spend some cash on a really good creative midfielder and a Mawson type central defender, with a license to bring the ball out and pass it. That's when we were at our best,

    In training continual drills on ball possession, movement, crosses and shooting on target, then again, you'd expect that anyway, in this day and age.

  • Where is the money to bring these players in coming from?

  • Pierre hasn't shown any anger at his plight as far as I've seen, so I just wondered why you think he'd be angry if he doesn't get a transfer this week?

    I love Pierre and he's better than this level but I think Mawson has a hell of a lot more to his game.

  • Maybe I shouldn't cast aspersions on Pierre's temprament but I know if I was him I would be angry given that Mawson and he made such a brilliant partnership - of almost equals - two seasons ago and given Pierre's been linked with so many clubs since. If I were him I would wonder whether the poor quality of football he'd been made to play subsequent to that season might have prevented other clubs coming through for him (we've always known his long-ball distribution is his weakest point but it's what GA has made him play every match). He might also feel that the club have prevented any move this window because it fears for its future in the league without him. If I personally were subject to those circumstances, I would feel angry. That Pierre might not do makes him a far better man than me.

  • Mawson has the potential to be a good Premiership player whereas Pierre doesn't have the all round game to achieve this. Whilst Stewart has made wrong decisions in the past, I think he is now the better of the two defenders.

  • Some incredible conjecture there @aloysius!

  • The next couple of days until transfer deadline day on August 31 will I think ultimately determine the future status of the Club.

    We need an experienced and CREATIVE midfielder. Someone who can boss and dictate a game. This needs to happen now and not January.

    Given the tough fixture schedule in September (Luton, Pompey and Carlisle all away) alongside recent League form it looks like the pressure come the end of next month will be on big time.

    The new Loan rules will mean that we will be stuck with our current squad until January by which time it may well be too late.

    Combine this with a less tolerant attitude from all Referee's this season (six players booked yesterday?) and the suspensions will soon start to mount up. Don't even get me on our injury list.

    This is serious and not looking good.

    Immediate action required.

  • midtable will be reasonable when Jacobson onien paris are all playing giving us a variety of play and will put the old boys back on the bench

  • Assuming the last two actually get back playing regularly before the end of the year!

  • @banterking said:
    "Where is the money to bring these players in coming from?"


  • Hayes has trousered it!

  • Something needs to change but the question is what?

    We have new additions to the team, a squad that I would say is full of top quality players for the league we're in and a chosen style of play that we appear to have a good understanding of, yet we seem to be struggling?

    To me it appears that the only change that could possibly help the team is a new manager to bring a fresh approach to the team.

    Now that's not to say I'm part of the Ainsworth out club as I feel that sacking so early in the season is ludicrous but perhaps all it would take is a new man in charge to kick this team into shape and push us higher up the table.

  • If Pierre leaves then that is simply part of the existence in League Two. The style (sic) of football being currently played is more important.

    Players want to progress and Aaron Pierre will be no different. Good luck to him whether he stays or goes. However it must be far more galling for the likes of Oxford United. Getting promoted playing an attractive brand of football then having key players like Roofe and O'Dowda sold before the new league season in League One has actually started.

    Players moving on is simply part of life at the bottom of the pile.

  • Didn't Oxford get ยฃ3 million for Roofe? That's not galling.

  • we prob accept 200k knowing our club

  • @Midlander Absolutely! They got good money & will have to invest in new players. It's just disappointing to see a successful side broken up but that's the way it is in Leagues One & Two. All the more reason why Burton Albion's rise to the Championship is all the more remarkable.

  • From what I understand, something like 40% of the ยฃ3m Oxford for for Roofe goes to WBA as part of a sell on clause.

  • I just wish that Ainsworth would read these threads to see what us fans think but he's too stubborn to change the way we play "Football" as he sees nothing wrong with the shit we serve up. The only way we will improve is if he goes and ends up as a Conference manager at best. Our crowds are diminishing every week which costs the club much needed revenue and there's only one person to blame.
    One thing that annoys me is the amount of our players that get injured while training which seems to me a very high percentage for a team that has such a small squad.

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