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RIP Motty

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  • So sad, he was the voice of football when I was growing up.

  • Such sad news

    Will forever remember that image of Monty in the snowstorm - I was travelling to the game from Stockport - no snow when I left but could not get through Birmingham, managed to turn round at J10 of the M6 before the M6 became a snowy car park! Still no snow in Greater Manchester when I got home

    RIP Motty

  • This brings back memories of getting stuck in a snow drift on my way to the game. The relief, having struggled back home, to find out the game was postponed still so vivid.

    77 is far too young to pass.

    RIP Motty

  • Sad news indeed, another sports broadcasting giant from my youth gone too soon. RIP Motty.

  • I’m doing this far too often RIP Motty

  • Motty enhanced every game you watched on the box. Very sad day, a wonderful commentator.

    I saw Motty play alongside our own Mr Parry in a broadcastlers XI at Loakes Park in the early 80's.

    RIP Motty

  • A fantastic football man through and through and we will never forget his brilliant commentary and that iconic picture in the snow.

    RIP Motty

  • Nice piece @glasshalffull , and sorry for your loss.

  • Lovely tribute, sir

  • RIP Motty, another legend lost. Who hasn't seen that photo, seems like only yesterday

  • The very recent passing of @ValleyWanderer & now Motty tempers the parting of GA & Dobbo a bit. A terrible loss to football, Monty was simply one of the best in my memory.

  • A worthy tribute @glasshalffull. Motty was, and remains, part of football fabric for me. 😥

  • Hanging on my wall. A great commentator.

  • I spoke with Stuart Roy Clarke earlier about how this iconic photo came about:


    ’Shut up and show more football.’


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