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villa fans applauding...

Am I right in thinking the villa fans applauded us at the end? Nice touch if so all I could hear was booing from them at final whistle then they went into applause


  • Yeah that's right. Tbf I thought their fans were class today* - fantastic noise in the first 30 minutes and some original songs. The few I spoke to were very respectful towards us as well. Can imagine it'll be a very different atmosphere at their place though.

    *excluding the video of the few as the team got on the bus obviously

  • Villa fans are dealing with their situation with gallows humour, my favourite comment from the match day thread is "They've got to be gutted with this. Playing an inferior club, great chance to progress to Round 4, and the best they can manage is 1-1, the fans and players of Wycombe must be bitterly disappointed."

  • I was in the Villa block closest to the Wycombe end and we nearly all applauded and shouted praise as we left at the end. Your players played with pride and gave 110% and we were jealous. Your fans were great and you deserve credit ..... well done to all of you !

  • Yeah I thought the Villa fans showed great humour. It really is a terrible situation they're in. They were decent enough in the 1st half and merited their lead, but then struggled desperately for a while after our equaliser.

    I expect us to play better at Villa Park, especially if Hayes is back. Whether it'll be enough will depend on how much quality Villa are able to show, but I think it'll be a better game.

  • Not just in this match but in others seen this weekend you see lower league and no league players holding their own against higher opposition. How is it that millions are spent on players who are no better? If the top clubs would wake up to this it would really help the football economy in this country.

  • To be fair, they ARE better in terms of technique and skill. The difference is hunger, motivation and the incentive to put one over often obscenely overpaid fellow professionals.

  • edited January 2016

    They are better that's the point. There were myriad occasions yesterday when this was obvious. But a group of technically gifted individuals doesn't make a team and this is where we held the advantage.

    Given that the dissatisfaction shown by the Villa fans will only intensify at home, and the fact that we are certainly a more successful team on the road, gives me great cause for optimism in the replay.

    As I said in an earlier post (excepting the three lads clearly high on something, who really should have spent the match in the cells), the Villa fans were essentially a friendly, if rather dispirited bunch, so I look forward to renewing our acquaintance in a few day's time.

  • Most Premiership/Championship owners have little interest in the F A Cup and this lethargy permeates down to the players. Liverpool summed this up by the number of inexperienced players they put out on friday.

  • There must have been 2000 Villa fans in the away end who stayed behind after the game after the Villa players went off and gave our boys a standing ovation. That is class. I feel sorry they have been so let down by their club. I did have to laugh though - I saw the Villa players getting off the coach and one Villa fan shouted "you run faster off the coach than you do on the pitch!"

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