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Corinthian Spirit

It was very interesting to hear the Martin O’Neill interview from 2012 when he described how he thought Wycombe still retained “Corinthian Spirit”, and that made the club special.

It made me wonder if we really do have Corinthian Spirit to this day, and also is it considered a virtue in the modern professional game?


  • There's something wonderfully appealing about the obvious spirit of the squad and Gareth. But I wouldn't by any measure see it as extending to the way we play on the pitch.

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    I think we're definitely a bit unusual as a professional club in the FL, there's still a strong link to our non-league days which other similarly rooted clubs may have left behind, in so far as we still have lots of supporters from those days. We've had a long history of fan ownership, we're probably more family oriented than some other clubs, and of course the colours are pretty unique, evoking bygone days. Even our fans forum seems different to other ones you come across. Yes, I do agree with Martin, but as @HCblue says, it doesn't extend to our on-field playing style.

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  • Didn’t the Corinthians team clap when the opposition scored? Or is that an Urban Myth?

  • Was Tom William's a Corinthian ?

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  • When he whistled that he was loving it, he was simply meaning the sportsmanlike spirit with which the game was being played.

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  • @Forest_Blue said:
    Didn’t the Corinthians team clap when the opposition scored? Or is that an Urban Myth?

    Probably. They did decline to try and save opponents penalties leaving the goal unattended. Bloody nice chaps!

  • I’ve always agreed with the penalties thing and that hankies should be carried to spit in

  • I also understand that the Corinthians always insisted that when a goal was scored against them direct from a corner that it was always allowed to stand. Jolly decent chaps

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  • At corners their keepers also sort to ‘shake hands’ with any opposition striker entering the six yard box. Spiffing blokes.

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