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The Opposition View


  • On the whole some balanced views. Funnily enough I quite enjoy watching us, I don't think it's horrible.

  • It's horrible for them when we win . Can't remember this word being used when we have lost .

  • we were absolute dog poo in the first half no idea how we came in 0-0 but a win is a win

  • Strangely I'd suggest that some of those comments are too generous. We were dreadful in the first half and they really should have been at least two up.

    Even in the second half they were on top until we scored. From that point onwards we had enough confidence and ability to just soak up the pressure, just like we did on many occasions last season.

    We are a tough and at times physical team but I really don't understand the accusation of being 'cheats'. It's telling how many red cards the teams we play get vs. our own. We battle hard as a unit but without crossing the line. We're certainly no Westley Stevengage.

    Our time wasting last season on occasion was infuriating but even then it's not 'cheating' it's just part of the game. It's also something I don't think we've seen to much of so far this campaign and the only part of the way we play(ed) I don't enjoy watching.

    For me I'm delighted we got three points from a poor performance after getting only one from the two previous games where we did play well.

    On one final note; credit to Tisdale. In both that ridiculous article by their local paper and in an interview post match with leading questions he refused to criticise us and instead focussed on his own team. A lot of other managers could learn from this.

  • Just watched the highlights and have to admit, Bean was bloody lucky to stay on the pitch after that tackle.

  • Yeah, that was a shocking tackle. Looking at his head in hands reaction, straight afterwards, I think he fully expected to see red as well. I certainly wouldn't be happy if it was one of our lads on the receiving end of something like that.

  • I don't think he did, the ref had the yellow out with 4/5 seconds and it was clear what he was going to do. It looks worse than it was as both players came together at speed.

  • Bean doesn't do speed!

  • That would be "coming together on speed", but I digress... The pick of the bunch for me:

    "We got exactly what we deserved for being a bunch of cry baby whiners at every decision the ref apparently got wrong - including missing a number of dubious tackles by our own players - we were beaten by a confident side who did what they do best infinitely better than we do what we do best.

    Constantly booing the ref and opposition with ridiculous cheat jibes is just tin pot, embarrassing and sour grapes. Try some man pills before the next game, I'd suggest."

  • both he and Harriman are one booking away from a ban so lets hope they don't both get carded by Mr Attwell on Tuesday.

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