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  • Why play a trial its in three matches and not sign him?

  • Was hoping for a similar player to Saunders. Always around the action, play maker, picking up losts balls and getting forward to support the fowards, cheeky side steps and throwing the shoulder. Admit I haven't been to any friendlies but based from WW twitter match summaries, BFP and this forum it doesn't sound like McGinn is in that mould is he?

  • If after three matches on trial there are still doubts about him then maybe he's not the one for us. We have plenty of never-going-to-set-the-world-alight central midfielders. What we need now is someone who can add a spark. I'd be tempted to hold off and see what's available before the end of the window. There've got to be a few League One midfielders who'll find themselves out of favour after a match or two and might be willing to drop down rather than face a season on the bench. Maybe even a Sam Saunders-shaped Championship midfielder...

  • Very light weight and not really suited to Division 2

  • I've only seen him in the Basingstoke friendly and I felt he didn't look like the sort of player we need. Was a capable passer of the ball but not particularly dynamic and didn't look capable of overly influencing a game in the way @Ciderk1d is thinking.

    There is a lot of love for him on the WW Facebook group but I just didn't see it myself. Hopefully there will be better available soon on the loan market - particularly players looking to make comebacks from injuries suffered in League Two play-off finals...

  • As a few have commented @Fidget @aloysius and @mooneyman, McGinn aint pulling up trees and rocking boats, I rather hope we decide to wait till a "higher-upper-the-league" player finds out he is surplus to requirements, a lot of bench-time or is coming back from injury woes. Need a game changer, even if it means a few more weeks.

    Lets get the right type of player we really need.

  • McGinn signing live on Sky Sports news

  • Thats why he played in the three trial matches,,,,,,there was a reason!!!!

  • I think he looks very good


  • According to the official website, McGinn's deal "remains subject to international clearance".

    What nationality does McGinn have?? I assumed he was Scottish, with the outside chance that he's Irish.

    Obviously neither of those nations invoke the need for "international clearance". Anyone have an idea where else he might be from?

    Also - he'll be wearing the 4 shirt. I suspect he'll be a starter, alongside Rowe and Harriman in a tenacious midfield three? That leaves three of Hayes, Thompson, Holloway, Wood and Banton to form the attack.

  • He last played for a club registered with the Scottish FA, he needs clearance to play here, which will be done in about 30 mins by email to the English FA.

  • I was honestly really impressed with him. I think he will be able to take the game by the scruff of the neck and influence it.

  • My Watford mates tell me that he is a lot better than O'Nien (they think highly of him too) and that we've bagged ourselves a very decent player.

  • O'Nien and McGinn are two intriguing unknown quantities (at least to most of us). Did they both play for Watford?

  • I must admit most of us were hitting Wiki this time last year to look up the names of Mawson, Jacobson, Jombatti etc. If O'Nien and McGinn fall into that category I will be chuffed as nuts.

  • This time last year we were still days away from signing Mawson! I think part of why he did so well though was because he was part of a remarkably settled defence, in which he and Pierre quickly built up a brilliant understanding of each other. We probably have that again in defence, but I worry for O'Nien and McGinn having to compete with Rowe, Harriman, Bean, Bloomfield, Kretzchmar, and potentially Wood, Banton and Sellers for two or three midfield slots. I can't see us getting a settled midfield for quite some time, if at all, this season, which means it's going to be hard for either of those two to make an impact. Having said that, I can see O'Nien burnishing a reputation as a brilliant super sub. Time will tell!

  • I am still convinced Rowe will be Pierre's partner in defence.

  • edited August 2015

    Nah, Rowe will be Claude all over

  • @peterparrotface said:
    Nah, Rowe will be Claude all over

    I would love Rowe to pick up that Claude role for us.

    Very interesting video clip, I enjoyed that.

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