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  • Yeah, Rovers announced debt of more than £24 million in March https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52071690
  • Aren't Bristol Rovers over £20 million in the hole? Southend also in similarly bad shape if I remember correctly.
  • League Two worth keeping an eye on. Macclesfield have been charged with misconduct again and could get their third points deduction of the season. You'd have to say that would weaken the argument for scrapping relegation - similar situation with Bol…
  • Clubs are allowed to give feedback and propose changes, but I don't know how far those changes are allowed to go - whether just tweaks or whole new ideas. Anything has to be submitted by 2pm tomorrow anyway.
  • I really hope there's no truth in this. Tranmere's proposal shouldn't even be presented as an option to vote on. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/claim-league-one-alternative-proposed-portsmouth-rival-tranmere-reflects-wishe…
  • What's this? A sensible piece on the League One mess! https://twitter.com/liamhoden/status/1267086534190268416
  • EFL want to hold L1 and 2 play-offs ASAP, ideally by the end of June (because of potential contract issues) from the sounds of it - but that's only going to be possible if players are back in training in the next few days. https://www.bbc.co.uk/spor…
  • @Right_in_the_Middle said: Who didn't get both Bury days in before the stoppage? Rochdale, Sunderland, Ipswich, AFCW, Tranmere, Donny, Bolton, Pompey, Fleetwood (final day)
  • Do none of these people painting us as the bad guys realise that we were the only team not to play on the final weekend of fixtures before suspension? Bury's expulsion has skewed the league all season.
  • Apparently if you put everyone back to 34 games, we still make the play-offs but Oxford drop out. Sunderland unfortunately in but Peterborough still out. All in favour?
  • Tweet's gone, this is what I was laughing at. https://themkway.net/2020/05/29/opinion-coventry-city-vs-wycombe-wanderers-must-take-place-before-the-league-one-play-offs-can-begin/
  • 😂 https://twitter.com/TheMKWayDotNet/status/1266349305977344001
  • @Right_in_the_Middle said: I like the waiting game being played. I am starting to think we might end up playing the season out There won't be time for that unless players are back in training by, well, Monday.
  • Go up and I think we could possibly entice Stocko back, although it would obviously take a serious pay cut - a top 'keeper when he's fit. Nnamdi and Paul I'd have back in a flash - don't forget Smyth played most of the season out of position due to …
  • One takeaway, though: I may be misinterpreting this, but it sounds like they've rejected Tranmere's proposal but will allow clubs to propose tweaks to preferred proposal (i.e. PPG with promotion, play-offs, relegation)?
  • Looks like they've had another meeting to call another meeting https://twitter.com/EFL_Comms/status/1266300757902417920
  • Decision now not likely until a week on Monday at the earliest apparently https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/may/28/lower-division-clubs-rescue-package-mp-damian-collins-letter
  • Stockdale leaving Birmingham when his contract expires as well. Never say never...
  • @Brownie That's how I interpreted it too. Madness.
  • @Wendoverman said: It takes me ages to get my office zoom to work...are the screens close enough to the lino to question his fitness and eyesight? All linos are now required by the FA to drive 60 miles before every game, so there shouldn'…
    in Flags Comment by chairboyscentral May 28
  • Tables using Tranmere's proposal. Seven-team play-offs? Not gonna happen. https://twitter.com/NicolaPalios/status/1265695926418538497
  • I really hope we go up now that Nathan Jones is back at Luton.
  • I was hoping we might follow the lead of AGF Aarhus in Denmark. Definitely can't see how this could go wrong 👀 https://twitter.com/DMichallik/status/1263553415566651392
    in Flags Comment by chairboyscentral May 27
  • We weren't quite picking up form - the back-to-back wins v Bolton and Tranmere were our first since November and both v bottom 3 sides - although we were certainly showing glimmers and might have gone on to pick up form - with Fred back I was certai…
  • Try and get your heads around this proposal from Tranmere: https://twitter.com/TranmereRovers/status/1265361295005679616
  • Probably best not to trust exit polls
  • @OxfordBlue said: Why would Bristol Rovers vote in favour of playing it out? Exactly what I was thinking. Same with MK - why would they potentially drag themselves into a relegation battle? Some of the stick we're getting here is hilariou…
  • This is interesting, depending on how much you're willing to read into the thoughts of local press. Hard to see it being even that close. https://twitter.com/AndyWarren_/status/1265226181923741696
  • @glasshalffull said: I see our friend Mr.McAnthony has now said he won’t be taking the legal action he threatened should the season be curtailed. He blamed his original comments on being’tired’. From the Dominic Cummings book of plausible excuses…