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  • Well if @blueh_w says that it must be true...
  • @Sharkyray said: I'm worried my alarms not going to go off and I'll sleep through the fist half... who am I kidding I'm not going to be able to sleep on Saturday night! You will miss it if you think the game is on Sunday!!
  • http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0159/2844/products/s02649_front_grande.jpg?v=1431957510
  • Probably not but that seems to be the tactic these days as was Hogan suddenly standing in the left back position the furthest player from the bench!
  • I had the same thing earlier the L7 should just be a 7. Once I worked that out it worked perfectly!
  • That was quick work! Great news indeed.
    in New pitch! Comment by Ross May 2015
  • The website says that customers are able to buy 9 tickets per transaction during both the season ticket period and general sale so I've taken that to mean you should be able to buy 9?!
  • Thanks for that. I had tried that but for some reason the sevens in the number are printed on the card more like '17' for some reason, hence it didn't work. Up and running now and raring to go come 8! Thanks again.
  • Oh Phyllis back to your home before they realise you're missing!!!
    in Matt Ingram Comment by Ross May 2015
  • Phyllis....you really are a sad old girl. Concentrate on yourself and naff off from the Chairboys forum. Even your own fans have been on here today apologising for you, cringeworthy in the extreme! Save yourself some wool and knit yourself a 2015/16…
  • Um....no both are at 19.45 Phyllis
  • Called from abroad yesterday, flying in for the game (season ticket holder but didn't plan for play offs) and the girl I spoke to after being in the queue for 20 mins was excellent, they are clearly doing all they can with the staff they have. Let's…
  • @Greg said: .Over how many months is the instalment payments made? Couldn't see any info on the site. The application form states monthly payments can be made from the date of application until the 10th of July. So possibly 3 or 4 instal…
  • Thanks @arnos_grove! Whilst my initial query was based on trying to determine whether something had come out and I'd missed it as you say it would appear someone may well be listening. However, unfortunately, as others have said my season ticket sea…
  • Something which I had also assumed. But if, for instance, they'd taken a gamble and said 'renew before the end of the season and we will freeze your ticket price' they could only surely have been in a win win situation?! 1. Money coming in to the cl…
  • It certainly stopped their bench's premature celebrations dead in its tracks! Shame.