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  • My view is they will try to take the course of least resistance, a result that upsets the fewest, I doubt that PPG alone will be used as a small club could go up, Coventry and Rotherham are nailed on, if a 3rd team is promoted I cannot see a way tha…
  • Just seen this on the BBC. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52493649
  • I met Alan Smith ex Leeds & Manchester on holiday for several years on the trot, he was a really nice guy who was fantastic with the young kids, my 2 included.
  • Oh imagine going to Gillingham twice in one season, just how wet and cold you could get. I think if I got hyperthermia twice in a year I might have to tuck my vest in and get some mittens on a string.
  • Roger & Chas the new shirt sponsor seems to be sorted. (take note Mr Couhig) Sizing should be 1/2 pint, pint, Quart, Flagon, Yard & Pissed as a fart.
  • I have read this, https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newsmanchester/radical-new-rules-could-split-leagues-one-and-two-into-north-and-south-divisions-next-season/ar-BB1332DV?ocid=spartandhp&pfr=1 Not actually to far from my idea of reducing the gam…
  • I would go for finishing this season, re start in October, finish in December. Next season starts in Middle of January, only play each team once. So 11 home games and 11 away games. Assuming we are in the Championship. Get some clever dick to seed t…
  • Roger, hopefully Rebellion Brewery will sponsor the shirt next season.
  • Martin and I were among the hardy bunch in the 70 & 80 mentioned by the mighty Chas. We would always see each other in Tesco, he loved to talk about the Wanderers, a true gentleman I was a top fella. Stay safe fellow Chairboys.
  • I was fortunate enough to attend all the home games with my lads who were 8 & 10 at the time. The 10 year old and I also managed the Wimbledon & Leicester games, all 3 of us the Villa Park game. The Filbert St game we were in the Leicester e…
  • Micra, most degree courses are available part time, I mentor engineering & electronics apprentices, many complete a day release degree after they have achieved HNC. In almost every case they are far superior to Uni degree graduates as they have …
  • Malone. You are correct.
    in Alan Beaton Comment by Fit2drop March 16
  • Alan Beeton was on average player in a good side, I don't recall dreading his name on the team sheet. His penalty at Wimbledon showed a level of maturity. I think he played against Liverpool and didn't get humiliated. I met him a few times and he wa…
    in Alan Beaton Comment by Fit2drop March 15
  • The virus will probably not peak till well after May, so delaying or having a "break" will not solve the problem. If the initial thinking that the virus does not like warm temperatures are proven to be correct, we need a long warm summer to really h…
  • I fear another club following Bury to the wall. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51814659
    in Charlton Comment by Fit2drop March 10
  • Paul Lambert (the worlds most miserable man) has got to be in line for the P45 in the morning if the Cod Army secure 3 points.
  • Aarons played nearly an hour for Motherwell in a semi professional league against Celtic tonight before being substituted for Seedorf.
  • Not really an ex player, but I don't think many Chairboys will be rushing to pay £32 (4 large and 1 small Tom Kerridge pies) to hear over an hour of Tony Adams ramblings. https://wycombeswan.co.uk/Online/tony-Adams-2020-Wycombe
  • Mr67. That would be embarrassing, a gasroom 11 would get absolutely annihilated. That said, I am up for it. Coyc.
  • The away game was the only game I have watched on I follow. It was a souless, joyless experience, I appreciate that some folk cannot get to the ground due to many issues, but it really does make me appreciate watching the game in 4d with a big green…
  • I was planning to go to Romford v Maldon & Tiptree, but they have moved to Friday night because of a Carp show. (I kid you not)
  • The standard at Hearts is poor, remember Sutton at WW, very average, a star I the Scottish Prem.
  • I remember the goal so well. Before the game I was talking to a Hull City fan who was the headmaster of the school that had sent me a letter saying #1 son had not got a place at the school. Monday morning I got a call saying he had got a place.
  • When Jordan Archer played for us he was good enough, His distribution was what let him down. Oxford will have to play from deep as they wont want him kicking. The new rule where you can pass to your defender in the penalty box will help them. I stil…
  • I cannot remember looking forward to a league game as much as the one tomorrow. Two weeks without football has been a little weird. After the great performance at Ipswich, surely the break will have the team chomping at the bit to get back in to win…
  • I am pretty sure that at least 2 of the Buchanan brothers played together. I have a Picture of William and Charlie in the same team, George may have played, Albert only played reserves.
  • I hope we have no more reasons to compares Kevin Durham and Nick Freeman.
  • 17 Would have helped if I could spell Molineux, I also tried The Riverside and The Den so close to 20 but no cigar.
  • Some bad news here. I was in the Canary Islands when we played Huddersfield, I left the lovely Mrs Fit in the hotel and went off to watch the game, only 2 guys in the bar me and a town fan, friendly bet, buy each other a pint if our team concedes. I…
  • Alan Cecil, Mr Couhig, have you seen this post?