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  • I was lucky enough to see Johan Cruyff in Chelsea v New York Cosmos in 1978, Gazza at AP, Messi and Ronaldinho at Camp Nou, Colin Bell & Beckham at Wembley and Horseman, Maskell, Ashford and Dave Collier at Loakes Park each time I thought they w…
  • I didn't see that coming. Not sure I would attend and judging from the First game thread on this forum not sure many of us should.
  • AS posted before, 1st game crawled under the fence between Barracks Road and the training ground 2nd Feb 1968. v Bromley won 4-2. But was a fan before because my Grandmother told me I was. My Grandad & Great-grandfather and his 3 brothers playe…
  • What era was this? I was attending a huge amount of gigs 75-90 I don't recall East Village.
  • I am more likely to invest if a limit is set the amount of tickets.
  • @ChasHarps said: @bookertease said: What worries me is that I’m not entirely convinced that @ChasHarps wasn't there to watch the game at the Rudgeway Had to work that day unfortunately, but I was at Eastville in 1982, …
  • I sent ifollow a rather restrained e-mail Saturday evening after missing half the game with the magic white wheel, I had had issues with a couple of other games. Today £10 back in my account.
  • So the owner couldn't buy Newcastle! But Derby? Oh the EFL & FA are bufoons.
  • Its many months since we were expected to win a game, a whole new mindset. As a long time fan I cannot believe we are where we are. COYC.
  • The timing on how to land (breakfalls) has to be instinctive, even in staged fights. Staged/co-ordinated fight require just as much skill and timing if not more, as you are making it look spectacular. Real wrestling (a good friend of mine competed a…
  • I hope this is just a Bayo publicity stunt, fitness, flexibility and timing is completely different in combat sports compared to football. Bearing in mind you fight in weigh categories, possibly against an opponent with 20+ years experience of fight…
  • As mentioned above the "village" has alleviated some of the issues. We like to get to the ground in time for a social catch up with the other fans (often away fans). Prior to the village we had been getting to the ground later and later as we could …
  • We picked up Jordan Ibe who was released by Charlton I believe. It is really almost impossible to predict talent. All the academies have squads of 20 at each age group, they often only actually want 2 or 3 players in each group. Some of the premiers…
  • Did Forest pick up 16 million for Matty Cash?
  • Quarters when ever possible, end off.
    in Third kit Comment by Fit2drop August 31
  • @chairboyscentral said: We don't, but it's extra £££ for the club and gives us a choice of which one to wear away. Every time there i an end of season sale there is always a lot of 3rd type kit. Make the quarters a little cheaper you will sell mo…
    in Third kit Comment by Fit2drop August 31
  • Why do we need a 3rd kit? With the yellow and the quarters we have no clashes with any one in the Championship.
    in Third kit Comment by Fit2drop August 31
  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53528235 I was very disappointed with Luke Bolton, I was surprised he got a game at Luton, now at Dundee United a step down from what I know about Scottish football.
  • There is a Howard Jones flag behind the goal.
  • At least folk knew who you were Glasshalfull (commentator) (definately not in Corrie or Brookie)
  • A_Worboys. I think back in the day there was a team called Chesham Generals who may have been swallowed by Chesham United.
  • Geoff Anthony was a Welsh amateur international also a keen cricketer with Wooburn Narkovians. I played a couple of Sunday games with him Paul Birdseye and Dave Bullock.
    in Bayo Comment by Fit2drop July 7
  • I watched a parks game in Shenzhen in China a few years ago with a Chinese colleague, standards was pretty poor. Talking to the players (in words of single syllables) after the game it transpired they had a friendly two days later and were short of …
  • @ChasHarps said: @mooneyman said: @micra said: Yeah, desperate to get cut-out photo sorted but need a trial run with mrs micra taking the photo. She’s no David Bailey - not even a Bill Bailey. Who’s he when he’…
  • I have posted many times that I will happily waive my ££s to the club. I will completely understand those who need or want to take a rebate. My problem will be next season explaining to the the lovely Mrs Fit, "just going to buy 3 season tickets for…
  • Well I will have a look down the back of the sofa for season ticket money. I'm in.
  • The most hated Bristol Rovers for me, I have seen them at 3 different grounds, the best one was a non league ground. I was told to "##ck by an 8 year old Rovers fan when I was working for the club. Had piss thrown over me at the Wreck and of course …
  • @ChasHarps said: The same Barry Fry who worked in tandem with Stan Flashman for many years. Always above board were those two !! I read Barry Frys auto biography, an entertaining book. He openly admitted breaking the rules.
  • My view is they will try to take the course of least resistance, a result that upsets the fewest, I doubt that PPG alone will be used as a small club could go up, Coventry and Rotherham are nailed on, if a 3rd team is promoted I cannot see a way tha…
  • Just seen this on the BBC. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52493649