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  • that's sorted it, thank you all very much. COYB
  • thanks, will install the ad blocker you suggested, cheers everyone
  • ok thanks. have managed to get rid of one of the pop ups but still have "sorry you can't watch this content as guest. please continue to create free account". if I click on any part of it is loads page to log on to thanks
  • having issues. have clicked on sign up but still getting pop ups in front of image. frustrating! any ideas?
  • while I agree it's key we don't risk players too much I still think that if players are 80% fit they should start today as a win could be so massive. Obviously we don't want to risk players but a calculated risk on some players might be necessary! I…
  • A source would be great, especially as gaz has only ruled out sido for sure and others will have fitness tests before game. Blooms seems ok. Gaz said he was confident on some but would not give anything away. JJ and SS would be great