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  • The quirky answer to the Quiz was. In 1981 our 1-0 v Cheltenham was the first time since the FA Trophy began, that the Wanderers had managed to defeat anyone, home or away whose name didnt start with B !!
  • There had been discipline problems before with Mr Hardwick, coupled with the fact that he looked very similar to the photo fit that the Yorkshire Police had distributed in the search for the Yorkshire Ripper !! The committee probably thought the ti…
  • @NewburyWanderer said: Remember the 2nd round at Sutton when we got thumped 5-1 - Mr Hardwick suspended. After several years of underachieving in the Trophy, we were desperate to have a good run. Real shock and horror that day (plus a bit of ange…
  • @micra said: Was it beating Bishop Auckland for the first (and only) time? 4-1 in the Trophy. That was the following season Mr Micra.
  • My mistake i thought Dave Latchford played in goal for the Robins that day (brother of Peter and Bob) but it was actually Tim Harris. But like i said, you and Mr LX are close, but have not come up with the answer, im looking for.
  • It was actually the previous 4 not 5, 1st rnd times that were drawn against teams that started with B. Although you are on the right path, Mr P, this is not the answer I'm looking for.
  • @LX1 said: Played a team that didn't begin with 'B' in the FA Trophy for the first time? Agonisingly close Mr LX !!
  • @Chris said: Achieving a victory at a ground beginning with V? Funny way of spelling Whaddon ?
  • Yes that's the match, Mr Buzz. What feat was achieved that day ??
  • This match saw a controversial Wanderers player depart in the 55th minute. Never to return again.
  • That's not what I'm looking for. The goalkeeper for the opposition,when this feat was achieved, was part of a footballing family in which all three brothers had distinguished careers.
  • No, This quirky achievement involves the alphabet.
  • Not what I'm looking for. We achieved this feat at the 6th attempt !!
  • Not the answer I'm looking for, The answer will be on the back of, on the pitch activities.
  • Not the answer I'm looking for !!
  • John Kerrs mate with the Keegan perm was Mike Brady.
  • Jon Brady made 7 appearences under Martin Oneil for our reserves in 1994/95. He never appeared in the first team
  • Weve lost to Man City in the Lge cup !!
  • Silkman put in a masterclass against Tooting in 1986, we were 4-0 up with about 15 to 20 minutes to go. The crowd were shocked to see Barry subbed as he was running the show, and he absolutely sprinted off the pitch. Turns out Barry was a greyhound…
  • @micra said: I do remember Barry Silkman but memory plays tricks. Before checking the records, I could have sworn that I’d seen him playing in a Cup game against us for Harrow Borough in the early days at Adams Park. As he is 68 now, he would ha…
  • I'm in a Wassap group with 18 other Wanderers supporters, most of them season ticket holders. The vast majority have stopped tuning into the games. Most quote the tedious/awful style of football. I think this is something the Couhigs will have to …
  • @mooneyman said: Perhaps a better description is having a physical presence. Without Uche or Bayo we get easily bullied by defenders. It could be argued that the best strikers are selfish. Vardy and Salah spring to mind and for us back i…
  • But is Uche a target man ?? Wins very little in the air, does not hold up the ball well, not great at laying it off, and bringing others into the game. Uche is a big centre forward, good at turning his man and drawing the foul, and getting a shot …
  • @peterparrotface said: First reference to Bucks Fizz since the Cheryl/Ma/Ian Baker golden era of the old gasroom Cheryl Baker, real name Rita Crudgington Bobby G was actually Robert Gubby That takes a bit of sparkle off the skirt rippin…
  • @MorrisItal_ said: Wasn’t Bobby C in Bucks Fizz It was Bobby G in Bucks Fizz, but they did sing "If you cant stand the heat", that's something I wouldnt be suprised to see Bobby C say !!
  • It's a very long time, since I've been as excited about a talent like Mehmeti to emerge. My biggest fear is it wont be fulfilled at Adam's Park, due to our manager being totally immersed in the long ball philosophy.
  • Derek Duncan takes over at Romford, he replaces the controversial Glen Tamplin who is now 'working' abroad.
  • @glasshalffull said: @aloysius said: Part of the reason I want us to play attractive football for the rest of the season is for the good of Gareth's future career. I just can't see any Championship club employing a manager who is se…
  • Gareth's football philosophy seems to have unravelled at this level. Watching the opposition each week dominate possession must start to eat away at your confidence to carry out the ideas, you have been working on in training. Tonight whilst still …
  • 5000 Wanderers fans at Vicarage Rd in 1959. Wycombe had pulled it back to 1-1 at one stage.