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  • Steve Long, The Wanderers wideman/striker from the late 70's and early 80's was a right old miserable cumudgeon. Always moaning, and shrugging his shoulders. For a couple of seasons people raved about the Long/Glynn partnership. I loved Terry Glyn…
  • There were no players in attendance. Just coaches, physio etc. Not even Sir Martin.
  • @micra said: @Lloyd2084 said: I always enjoyed an O’Neill repost to an over-excited BFP reader. I received a riposte after referring (in a letter to the BFP) to an allegation that several players had been clubbing in B…
  • Lee Canonville also played for the Wanderers on trial.
  • Probably the biggest disappointment since Martin Bullock !!
  • Even at 36 Stocky moves his feet far quicker than Allsop, and is able to regain position or change direction, where as Ryan at times looks like he is wearing concrete boots. I think we will be having this conversation for years to come, If only A…
  • Big pitch and big slope at Spratley Meadow, I once played in a five a side competition on Roundwood Road Rec in Sands. You might as well have played it on the side of Mount Snowdon.
  • @Right_in_the_Middle said: Beacons Bottoms pitch had a massive slope on it if I remember correctly Indeed it did, you could barely see the corner taker in the far right corner, as it dropped away that much. Decent clubhouse though.
  • I once went to a local Saturday league cup final staged at York rd. The Beacons Bottom followers unfurled a huge professional banner proclaiming "Up the Bottom". Its was almost on par with that legendary photo of the 'Bash the Bishops' banner tha…
  • @peterparrotface said: Didn’t a John Fisher play for Wycombe? Correct Mr PPF, Fisher Athletic were named after Saint John Fisher the Catholic Martyr. Where as the ex Welsh Amateur int John Fisher played for the Wanderers and Hendon and l…
  • All incorrect, the this club were named after an individual and not a place.
  • I went to every game that season, after nearly 10 years of little investment in the team, we signed Barrett and Ashford and as a club, we seemed to be rejuvenated. Having 2/3 or 3/4 of the crowd at away games became the norm. I really think the ar…
  • Cricket - High Wycombe Cricket club, colours are light and dark blue, lovely tranquil place to spend a Saturday afternoon watching cricket. (Somerset in the 70's and 80's due to Botham) Rugby Leage - leeds due to their yellow and blue kits bein…
  • I picked up on that as well, Obita is certainly quicker , but from what I've seen JJ is better defensively, as well as our set piece take and leading goal scorer !!
  • When Phil's Co commentator went " Ol shut up will you, I couldnt put up with that every game" I presume he was referring to Pete Couhig ??
  • A shade of purple top, and dark shorts and socks like our players.
  • How was the official allowed to ref in those colours ? At times it was hard to distinguish between our players and the weasel with the whistle.
  • That would be Bob Hardisty, there is a book out about him, being England's greatest ever amateur player. I'm sure one or two of our vintage posters maybe able to comment on Hardisty's ability.
  • Stuart Pearce lives in Risborough now, a work colleague of mine goes to the occasional punk gig with Mr Pearce prior to lockdown.
  • Big Turnover of players from Wealdstone in 69/70 season. Keith Searle and Johnny Hutchison played for the Stones against the Wanderers at the beginning of the season, but were in the light and dark blue a few months later when the two met in the A…
  • When you used to see the opposition before a game, there always seem to be a rotund barrel of a player. If that player didnt bat high up the order, sure as eggs he was a decent spin bowler. Psychology a tubby spinner, was winning the mind games al…
  • I used to play with a chap, who was president of the club. He would often bowl himself from the off, his mixture of very slow wides, full tosses and long hops were dispatched to all sides of the ground. Then when, every other over, he would pitch o…
  • The days when mainstream tv showed limited over county cricket, and you could gauge those knocking on the door for the Test Team. Now players come into the side, that I wouldnt have the foggiest about. I would have like to have seen Dom Bess at Co…
  • Chuck Moussadik had been at Adams park a number of years before we entered the Evening standard 5 a sides.
  • Mr Balls wonderful archive website has loads of match reports and press cuttings. I was reading about the Norwich old boys, humiliation and had a look at the Bungay game. I googled Bungay Town and came across the fact that their home ground was in …
  • @bookertease said: How about Bungay? Bungay is in Suffolk but their ground is in Norfolk? Tremendous work Mr Tease Yes Bungay is in Sufolk, but the Recreation ground at which they played was a number of miles away in Norfolk.
  • Correct Mr Ludd, The 2nd replay in 83 was played at Rockingham rd in Northamptonshire. Where as Boston resides in Lincolnshire. The third answer is considerably more difficult than the first two.
  • Correct Mr Ludd, Leek Town is one of the teams. As Leek is in Staffordshire and the tie settled in Worcestershire.
  • Sorry not finals either.
  • Despite finding a lot of our displays, berefit of not much more than humping the ball forward with very little purpose or conviction. The fact that we beat the PNL at Wembley to clinch our championship place, and denying the deluded Headington Name…