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  • On the plus side we only need 8 more points from the next 27 to beat Rotherham's worst ever championship tally of 23.
  • Most welcome all, I only just noticed it myself so thought i would indicated it just in case
  • @drcongo said: I like the distinctive, instantly recognisable shape of the badge and the typography is acceptable, but I'm intrigued to know what planet that is. I do enjoy these each week, they do make me chuckle. @Wanderers82 i think…
  • Thanks @micra that's some stat! @chairboyscentral Im going for 0-0 then today. @HolmerBlue Im assuming the same because it Saturday away i think we will have to pay.
  • @drcongo Thanks for your concern, I am happy to say im well and healthy. A combo of technical difficulties and my car deciding to break this morning got in the way today. Apologies all for the lack of a match day thread today.
  • For those also lucky enough to get in tonight below are the check-in times as at took me a minute to find them: Check-In Time 1 – 18.30-18.45 Check-In Time 2 – 18.45-19.00 Check-In Time 3 – 19.00-19.15 Check-In Time 4 – 19.15-19.30
  • I know he didn't play a lot for us seem to remember Leon Knight getting fairly good air given his height.
  • @thecatwwfc said: Does anyone know how long the new boys have signed contracts for? Horgan 2 years McCleary 1 year Uche 3 years Tafazolli 2 years Etc? no idea about the 4 youth prospects
  • @Malone said: @DJWYC14 said: I have to admit this is my first match watching on ifollow. I'm at the "next available match" page but it says £10 wanted. Not getting it. Any ideas? Have you only watched the 2 Sky games s…
  • @our_frank 98FM MATCH DAY! @wwfcofficial v @SwansOfficial 📻 @BBC3CR 98FM, iFollow Can the #Chairboys get on the board in the @SkyBetChamp this afternoon? pic.twitter.com/FBEjvP4s2s — Phil Catchpole (@bluntphil) September 26, 2020
  • Fair play Mirca, It takes a certain type of man to apologise. So apology accepted. I must also apologise. I saw the red mist and went a bit off the deep end myself. For a bit of context as to why.This is not something i ever intended to share …
  • On a more positive note, thanks to the 10 people that have so far signed up to the fantasy league.
  • @micra I do normally enjoy reading your posts, but in this instance quite frankly i think you're being rude & pretentious. I posted in the football section of a football forum, i have not asked for nor do I want English tuition from you. If you …
  • @Tom thanks for the heads-up was none the wiser as couldn't see a "©" anywhere on the page, edited it all the same , I was hoping for a home boxing day fixture this year! its been a while.
  • @StrongestTeam said: @BSE said: https://twitter.com/djwheeler07/status/1283387082208149505 This might be the greatest graphic that has ever been produced. I want a t-shirt version!
  • https://twitter.com/djwheeler07/status/1283387082208149505
  • Fantastic just doesn't seem real. So so happy 😁
  • @drcongo said: Is it too late to get a "SHITTY MILK" banner made and sent to Wembley? If we have a whip round might be able to get one on a plane over Wembley last minute
  • https://twitter.com/wwfcofficial/status/1227302586052677632
  • @thedieharder said: @BSE You do realise it's Febuary? ops! (corrected it now)
  • Very sad news indeed about Mark Bird thoughts to his family and friends.
  • The service hasn't been great but I do like a pie at half time so I hope it is a temporary measure.
  • I know he was with us for a very short period but elliot benyon seemed to have a real attitude issue.
    in Bad Eggs Comment by BSE January 2020
  • For those unable to get to the match today it is available on ifollow: https://www.wycombewanderers.co.uk/matches/fixtures/first-team/201920/december/portsmouth-vs-wycombe-wanderers-on-26-dec-19/ Also find chairboyscentral Match Preview Here :…
  • Fair enough i guess technology has come on along way.
  • @chairboyscentral great work again Tom
  • I'm a bit gutted myself was as i was looking forwards to doing Portland road. As it was re-arranged to tonight & due to work i will have to do second best and watch on Ifollow. If anyone is partial to a bet might be worth having a punt as you c…
  • Not that it really maters, but it was Interesting to see watching the highlight back that some players were a good few steps in the box before JJ had even hit the ball. (maybe this happens more often than i can see from my seat). It just made me won…
  • I don't think the Couhigs are to worried yet based on this from twitter. As @chairboyscentral & @Lloyd2084 say give it some time. Massive respect for what you and Rob are up to at Wycombe. But today’s was one of the biggest games in our histo…
  • If you have the ifollow thing, i believe you can just watch it on an app on your phone. Edit: @Jonny_King I was clearly very tired last night and completely misread your post sorry!