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  • Last saw Leatherhead play in the 1978 Trophy Final at Wembley (they lost). Days of Chris 'the Leatherhead Lip' Kelly.
  • Name and shame (if they're over 18).
    in Ho hum Comment by leapfrog October 2017
  • Problem with Eze foul was that 1) he was looking for it and 2) he went down in installments. Officials got it totally wrong, but the wunderkind didn't help himself. Listened to Three Counties on way home. God they're biased to Beds and Herts. WWFC …
  • Very much enjoyed that today - not least as I turned up and so did the team. It's the first time I've seen them win in three visits to AP this season. We looked very good going forward, but also had re-found that tenacity in chasing down the ball wh…
  • Dash it. Had to miss yesterday's game - and the very brief highlights on Ch5 this morning didn't really do it justice. Still, given the result, maybe my presence is the portent of doom and I should stay away more often.
  • Time to sign another striker!
  • I say 'sign Alvin.' He's more likely to get the chipmunks in on loan. A complete back four. But not a lot of height.
  • David Martin may still be without a team @ChasHarps. But signing an experienced keeper looking for a club's not really a likely Ainsworth move. GA's more likely to sign Alvin Martin...and then play him out wide in a front three.
  • I'd still far rather have Pierre in our squad any day of the week @mooneyman. Were you actually there on Saturday to witness El-Abd's 'performance'? El-Abject. I very much look forward to his renaissance over the coming weeks.
  • Indeed @mooneyman - and like Cameron and Blair before him, he was the future once. At his best at Brighton probably about eight years ago. Rarely played for Bristol City and Shrewsbury cancelled his contract one year into a two year deal. After Pier…
  • To be a little more specific about El-Abd then: * He doesn't have a dominant clearing header - a little like Sido, it goes up rather more than away from the goal. * He's not the tallest, and doesn't get off the ground much - his defending is…
  • First game I've seen this season - and frankly wish I'd had a few more days' holiday. Brown looked like a clown and played like a clown today. El-Abd has the turning circle of the QE2 without the grace and finesse. Southwell? Well God loves a tryer…
  • 'Blackman is injured' sounds very ominous. Do any of us expect to see him play for Wycombe again?
  • I am gruntled. Reasons to be cheerful? * We beat a Westley team * An away double * No need for excuses about the boggy pitch; the referee; opposition tactics etc etc
  • Maybe MK would like to poach Ainsworth?
  • PCH's weak attempt to win a penalty by throwing himself to the ground was treated with the contempt it deserved (It was right in front of me). I wish he'd even pretended to be vaguely interested in being out there on the field today. The 'goal' c…
  • Very glad - and relieved - to come home to a win. I'd been taking son back to a solid Russell Group northern university....but that's a whole other conversation.
  • * What happened to Rock n Roll football? * DevC - what are the grounds for your optimism? * In terms of unquestioning support, do you consider your approach to be closer to mindless Maoism or a strict devotion to Stalinism?
  • Problem is the dip is now nine months long, and the cavalry's three months away. The longer people underestimate the issues, the harder they will be to resolve. Optimists are fine; lemmings - not so good.
  • At least with the under 9 pens we'll see a few goals. I'll pay the £250 for an over 80s half time penalty comp.
  • Hidden gem...? From among the pensioners...? Really glad it's coming back - but isn't £10 per ticket for kids more than it costs for them to attend as juniors? £250 seems slightly steep.
  • Loyalty in the face of potential impending disaster is the way of lemmings. The 'just keep on being positive and it'll all be all right in the end' school is the school of the deluded. You wouldn't continue eating in a restaurant if it started servi…
  • Relegation struggle. Not so much from the potential of the talent assembled, but from the management team's ability to coax a structured effective performance from them. If I was Pierre and there was a sniff of a move this week, I'd be charging out …
  • Am I right that Andrew Howard was off today watching his expensive boys toys tearing up the track? He seems to be Ainsworth's main protector, yet seems perfectly happy to avoid many of our matches and most of the well-aimed criticism that rains down…
  • Ribeiro's signed for Oxford - who have release two keepers, Slocombe (not very good), and the rhyming Crocombe (big, young, local - maybe a possible?).
  • It should, of course, be 'wherearethechips?'
  • We give you the rope @dansmith1985 and you hang yourself. (Although it seems the simplest solution to the yob issue could be a grammar test. When I see such pearls as delivered by Dan, all I can say is: 'there, they're their'.)
  • @wycombeloyal The vast majority of younger fans who watch WWFC do not feel the need to act in a manner that offends. You appear to be defending the indefensible. You are not a representative of 'youth', but of a small, bloody-minded group of not par…
  • ChasHarps - the point is that we got beyond the violence of the 70s and 80s - confronted by people dying, be it at Heysel or Hillsborough; confronted by being caged and treated as animals due to the miserable excesses of a few - football dragged its…