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  • Sorry but Pattison is a step up from bloomy in my view and he's had more shots on goal since he arrived than the old soldier had for most of last season.And I'm far more confident that he will score at some point!
  • I admit i go to the corner for the last five and any extra minutes for a quick getaway but stay until final whistle!
  • I don't think Bolton was up thereon the scoreboard either was it?
  • Joey's headbutters 1 - Bucks top team 1 and as a Southend supporting colleague claims they have been 'Atrocious ' so far I will suggest Wycombe 2 -Sarfend 0
  • @drcongo said: Didn’t @rmjlondon suggest we might be seeing the return of Jamal Blackman recently? For the playoffs
  • JJ robbed me of a perfect prediction!
  • Fred for me...repaying gareth's faith.
  • Except for a maddening twenty minutes that was a great game and we deserved the win for the last fifteen minutes alone. Perhaps mascoll is putting pressure on JJ as I thought the first half was the best he has played for a while...though not keen on…
  • @arnos_grove said: @glasshalffull said: What a surprise, the usual suspects pour the usual scorn on a harmless attempt to add a little entertainment to match day at Adams Park. What a surprise. The new money can do no …
  • @Malone said: Noo - not that dreaded thunder playing! Second only to teams playing music when they score. Dreadful. I demand someone screams 'Let's get ready to RRRRRRRRRRRRRRumble...!' into a mike as the teams come out. (I'll get …
  • @A_Non_E_Mouse said: How about letting the kids take the penalties in the actual goals again (like they used to), rather than in a cheap pitch side net (which they can do in their own back garden). Also, if a big away support, take the penalties …
  • @Malone said: Can always rely on @Wendoverman to provide the chuckles and keep it light. Nice work old son. It's not exactly Benny Hill standard I admit but I try...
  • If it makes a 'horde of pervs' hot under the collar I can see drinks sales going up. (Though might be worth having an extra St John's Ambulance person in the Beechdean. )
  • My half time experience...whistle blows, I exhale and engage in conversation with fellow ST holders to the tune of 'Well, that was okay' 'Well I hope they're better than that in the second half...' or 'For God's sake...' . Crisps. Swig of fizzy drin…
  • Sorry folks that should be on the halftime entertainment thread. I suspect Bury and Bolton problems - like my in ability to edit on the phone are bad enough without adding the above!
  • I heard after reading the gasroom they've hired Frankie Boyle to do the half time announcements.
  • @floyd said: Especially given those players were only signed ‘because the takeover is done,’ and it’s not. I’m really struggling to understand why Bolton are being allowed to play and Bury aren’t. Big club to big to fail with poten…
  • Yes I'm glad that racism, homophobla and sexism are now gone from society and its exciting new initiatives like this we need for the sport.
  • FB looks to be fairly exploding with the 'oh dear no...' and 'it's only a bit of fun...' debate.
  • It's 2019, Fifteen minutes without anything to do but talk to the people around you about the length of the queues and the half of football you have watched is a disgrace in this day and age! We need noise, music and girls jiggling fact I…
  • @eric_plant said: @glasshalffull said: @eric_plant said: good grief, how embarrassing Why is it embarrassing? If I have to explain, then I doubt you'll agree. Might as well leave…
  • @Mr67 said: I take it they havent got Buzz Aldrin as their Life President then? Apparently he got a bit fighty at the launch party...
  • @Mr67 said: Do they play with a flat ball ? They play with a round ball but they believe it to be flat...and as no-one ever has really seen the Earth or a football from space no-one can prove them wrong.
  • @StrongestTeam said: @Wendoverman said: Like all of us I work for free...shame on Sol and any other footballer (and any other staff below Chairman to be honest) wanting money when they should thank the Lord that they are allowed to…
    in Bury Comment by Wendoverman August 15
  • Like all of us I work for free...shame on Sol and any other footballer (and any other staff below Chairman to be honest) wanting money when they should thank the Lord that they are allowed to play the football in front of adoring fans.
    in Bury Comment by Wendoverman August 15
  • @eric_plant said: tut tut Oaky......the world is the most educated and enlightened it has been in its history. Wouldn't have expected that from you I would say more 'well informed' than enlightened @eric_plant but stupidity is on the rise!
  • @Twizz said: Excellent stuff there @th100, enjoyed the read. Agreed. Great read @th100
  • @Mr67 said: BBC TV wise we seem to fall between stools for all news London rarely covers us neither do the South which I tend to watch as it seems a bit more local but again not much news about Wycombe , Football and otherwise I'm convinc…
  • Whatever I'm really pleased that we have a team full of attacking options and hopefully we will score a hatful of goals to stop even the most Plymouthy of opposition fans moaning about 'watching that every week.'
  • @Malone said: Does Smyth's year loan have a recall then? I thought you couldn't recall year jobs? Only monthly ones? I'm only going by what some posters have saidon here in authoritative tones that QPR still have the right to pull him …