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  • Another 'I hope to be proved wrong...' moment?
  • @Blue_since_1990 said: I hope we play both Thomo and Scowen in midfield today. I thought we looked very strong last week with those two together. Agree totally...also about time for Josh to get his first of the season!
  • Football Focus doing Derby next week. Let's hope they are not lazy and put the boot into us rather than tax dodging bosses!
  • @HolmerBlue said: @OxfordBlue said: Fair play to all the mad bastards making the trip to Costa del Morecambe in January. I'll 2nd that ! Thirded. Hopefully they will be warmed by anotjer three points on the way…
  • @DevC said: No doubt at all that Morris and Derby behaved very badly. But two wrongs don't make a right and personally I think we are acting badly and immorally here. I am uncomfortable with that. The real question is would Mel Morri…
  • @Username said: We went through our own financial turmoil and it cost us most of our senior players, our entire reserve squad ,our academy system and almost our league place. We were having to play our manager and goalkeeper coach in games. T…
  • Didn't really understand a lot of that, but who were the Known Criminals we swerved @NiceCarrots ? I missed that bit.
  • Hi @Raminpeace thanks for coming on. I think you'll find no arguments that the EFL have questions to answer on here. And you'll find a range of opinions about Rob's decision. For me, knowing how tribal we all can be, I think some Rams fans are being…
  • Great news. You can say what you like about the Couhigs...and many do...they are doing something for the club.
  • Andy Carroll has not exactly set the world alight since he left Newcastle has he? Temperament aside, surely GA and Dobbo look for quality players with something to prove. And yes, I realise I have become involved in a discussion about the rights an…
  • Gibson letter, EFL letter and Rob's interview (whatever you think about the claims) seem quite clear and straight-forward to me...even despite the inevitable one-eyed emotional aspects, I cannot see how they can believe that even if both clubs dropp…
  • Known Criminals? I must have missed this first time round.
  • I'm not sure football fans get irony...especially if they are quite angry about something.
  • @eric_plant said: @drcongo said: @prufrock_91 said: How do we really feel about this? I understand justice should be done, and terrible owners can't consistently leverage their club and assets for the prospect of…
  • @EwanHoosaami said: What I don't get is why are the EFL bothering to engage with MPs on this issue. It is purely a dispute between a very badly run business, its regulator/71 other football clubs/businesses. DCFC are part of the "72" club and as …
  • @Malone said: @aloysius said: @arnos_grove said: It’s all become totally emotional. It’s much easier to rage at Rob Couhig and Steve Gibson than the faceless HMRC. This is exactly it. My predi…
  • It's a bit like 'Yes, everything has turned to **** but we've got our country back...' or 'I'll have the vaccine now I am in A&E...' or 'Except for the constant lying he is doing a good job.' The whole world is going mad.
  • The East Midlands derby at the weekend should be feisty both inside and outside the ground. 'He left you to die! He left you to die! Melvyn Morris! He left you to die!'
  • Derby fans believe he should get none of those answers and is just trying to find out how much money they've got. This really is madness. MM is the fourth in the list of people who will be the 'bad guys' when they make the film. Rob is third. They r…
  • When you think of JJ, Bayo, Thompson, Mehmeti, McLeary and to some extent Vokes...Gareth and Dobbo's recruitment of discarded or unloved players has to be second to none!
  • @ReturnToSenda said: I'm sure Barton has said that and much worse Usually while standing over you fists clenched as you try to get up off the tunnel floor...probably.
  • Burley coming back is a good thing. I would love to know what is happening with Wakely.
  • Ban him entering the meat draw at the very least.
  • @aloysius Roving bands of foam-flecked Rams fans heading for Wycombe intent on causing harm to the peace of the drumless terrace?
  • I think for some MPs when people talk about someone not paying any taxes, they find it hard to see what the problem is.
  • @ReturnToSenda said: @Wendoverman said: The Honorable Member for Axminster. Very good I think someone in the Commons actually called him that by accident once...or something.
  • The Honorable Member for Axminster.
  • @mooneyman said: @Wendoverman said: @Wendoverman said: We have cheated by employing players other teams thought were not good enough for League Two who then got us to the Championship? Obvious…
  • @Right_in_the_Middle said: When I used to watch ‘Don’t pay, we’ll take it away’ the bailiffs were always very adament about sellable assets being removed. No idea why the administrators of Wayne Rooneys Derby County aren’t being forced to do this…
  • @Wendoverman said: We have cheated by employing players other teams thought were not good enough for League Two who then got us to the Championship? Obviously this is on the wrong thread. Blame a couple of bottles of Doom Bar