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  • Anyone who leaves early every week is just mad why why why?
  • Prefer the Supremes version over Bananeramas myself
    in Nathan Jones Comment by Mr67 August 22
  • Way way back about 1983 I went to an away FA cup match at Worcester. It was a 1-1 draw we equalised last minute to force a replay. The guy who sat next to me in the coach (I didn't know him ) left early so missed our goal. He left to sit in our coac…
  • Am quite happy that we do things like this to try and improve the match day experience. If the dance group return I've not got a problem with that a Be nice to mix it up with different things I'm sure it's being looked at. As previously said they we…
  • Thought they were good in what they did ,fairly non contoversial. The Tannoy guys comments were stupid and inappropriate . Someone needs to have a word and remind him it's 2019
  • No still don't get it why come to the game and go when the result is in doubt. Obviously there are some people who need to drive right to ground but if the get away is an issue park a mile or so away and walk with an added bonus that it's good for…
  • That's understandable Wendoverman I have had to do that occasionally when I had to be some where else by a certain time but it's never the same as enjoying the post match moment with Gaz and the team. I know one chap ,lovely guy ,who leaves 10 minu…
  • They are clearly and quite rightly bringing their knowledge and experience of staging sporting events to a UK setting and seeing what works and what doesn't. If you try 10 things and 8 or 9 work then that's a positive and you change or ditch the oth…
  • Travel to and from the ground is probably one of the biggest issues around increasing attendances and I'm sure it's being looked at. Go back 20 years and you had special buses from all over the area. I live the other side of Wycombe and could catch …
  • One thing they could to improve the match day experience would to be install vending machines for drinks ,chocolates and crisps in the Frank Adama concourse thus taking the pressure off the kiosks You are then only queuing for hot food Drinks would …
  • Seems to be about 40 years behind the times for all sorts of reasons and is set up to be an embarrassment A one off I feel and they will put it down to experience ( some people can't be told we tried it before and it failed they have find these thin…
  • Apparently they like round pancakes on shrove Tuesday
    in Flat Earth FC Comment by Mr67 August 15
  • I take it they havent got Buzz Aldrin as their Life President then?
    in Flat Earth FC Comment by Mr67 August 15
  • Do they play with a flat ball ?
    in Flat Earth FC Comment by Mr67 August 15
  • BBC TV wise we seem to fall between stools for all news London rarely covers us neither do the South which I tend to watch as it seems a bit more local but again not much news about Wycombe , Football and otherwise
    in "Derby" Quiz Comment by Mr67 August 13
  • Yes grounds for optimism great performance with some impressive displays by the newbies roll on Saturday
  • Traditionally the final used to be played on Easter Monday even if that was in March. Latterly it is played on the early May bank holiday. As has been pointed out that will be different in 2020. One game I remember way back was playing Hazells Prin…
  • Reading enter their under 23 team ,beaten in the final by Slough last season. Held at Bracknell (good job it didn't rain ). Slough were only there as they threw out Marlow ,who beat them in the semi final , due to fielding an elgable player. The app…
  • The EFL has banned short forwards using them at corners this season ,quite right in my view
  • How effective is a ban from the Stade de 3 sides. You just go to the car park with a ladder or a pair of stilts
  • Newport were kicked out of the Confetence 88/89 it was around late January 89 and Wycombe had 6 points and a goal,difference of 7 (5 nil home and 5-3 away ) expunged at a time when we were in contention for the title. Terrible shame about Bury I h…
  • Yes of course and the isthmian league I believe ( whatever they call it now )
  • What message is this stuff sending out especially to the kids ?
  • Chickens are being counted here I will settle for a win 1 or 2 nil and 3 points
  • They won tonight in a cup match 5-2 first win since 2017 !
  • Just watched the programme ,truly heartwarming and inspiring. A must see. Let's hope they have a reasonable season Come on The Fort !
  • Yes I should have said the programme is entitled "The Fort". So to sum up its on Sky 457 and Freesat 174 at 10pm tonight. By the way they lost their opening game of 19/20 6-0 on Saturday.
  • Is there a number important them ? Maybe a minutes applause at that time ? Just a thought
  • I was told Bodger Horseman was born across the pond and lured over to Blghty with the promise of a lifelong supply of Rothmans.
  • Unfair on your cat