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  • I want to complain about the money spent on the new floodlights. They were obviously not good enough as the officials peered through the gloom and couldn’t see that Joe Jacobsons goal was perfectly ok. What a waste sack the board sack the Manager sa…
  • I also understand that the Corinthians always insisted that when a goal was scored against them direct from a corner that it was always allowed to stand. Jolly decent chaps
  • Marlow 3-3 Westfield A cracking Isthmian League encounter with Westfield (a suburb of Woking) coming from behind 3 times.2 red cards one for each side a couple of great goals and one howler from the Marlow keeper who otherwise had a superb game crow…
  • Thank you
  • I understand Messi and Ronaldo haggled cover personal terms so we will have to grab them in the new year
  • The fact that we don’t seem to have shorts and socks in both shades of blue adds to the suspicion that we won’t see the light and dark blue quarters away from home if this is the case it’s very disappointing. It would be nice to have a statement fro…
  • By the way talking of mismatched kits remember Reading away in the League cup 1996? We had to mix and match the two awful Alan Smith home and away kits we definitely looked like up Sunday morning pub team.
  • Thank you Eric we are capable of considering more than 1 issue at a time. It annoys me that we seem to be going against our own charter. We are supposed to be creating a world wide brand surely the quarters are a big part of that brand. Buy a set of…
  • Before our change from quarters to plain light blue shirts around the mid 1960s we seemed to wear white shorts as the norm. Since reverting to the quarters in 1990 we have worn either light blue All dark blue shorts.Dark blue shorts seem to be the …
  • Not sure where this is going Naturally how we do on the pitch is important but there are some fundamentals that are also important. It’s about our club identity.
  • Be interested in the Trusts view
  • Thank you Andy having not seen a live match since March 7th I’m hoping to get to one of these let’s hope the wet weather improves so the games go ahead
  • Thank for clarifying a bonkers rule I Was about to contact Mr Johnson who of course has his finger on the pulse with all the rules involving lockdown
    in The FA Comment by Mr67 September 30
  • Waking up on a dull September morning with no points and no goals so far this season. Faced with the prospect of not seeing my team live for maybe the rest of the season I tuned in to Robs latest interview. His enthusiasm and positivity was a treme…
  • Haven’t yet managed to get to one or more off these games but intend to do so soon to get my fix of live footie. Keep up the good work with telling us what’s on Andy.
  • Also we must remember that we only knew we were going to be a championship club on the 13th of July. Our season started on the 5th of September.So we had very little turnaround time to sort out a team for league we had never played in before coupled…
  • Quick history lesson from albeit a different level of football. First season we went into the Conference we did ok for two thirds of the season Got a false sense of security then won one game in 14 and went down. On coming up again we had a torrid …
  • Fell asleep at the corner
  • Half time thank God
  • Reality settling in I think
  • We are all over the place at the back
  • It was mentioned on the i Follow thread if you press on the bottom right hand side of the screen a cog comes up where you can choose your commentary and you can switch to away
  • Stating the obvious I know go out and come back in again
  • Should be In now Len
  • My worry is with 2 change kits now,the temptation will be there to use them even when there is no real colour clash. Having said that I have always liked the red and white quarters.
    in Third kit Comment by Mr67 September 14
  • Never got the point of teasmaids either
  • Did they do fondue sets on that programme Or am I thinking of the generation game. By the way what is A fondue set?
  • Got sorted thanks to my daughter in Cambridge and her contacting some very helpful people on Facebook thanks all weirdly my daughters feed was a minute ahead of mine so she told me on WhatsApp that they had scored as on my screen they were lining up…
  • 20th In the championship tonight we would settle for that at the end of the season
  • Thank you both. What we would give for an uncomplicated stroll up hill bottom road at about 2-15,