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  • I understand the next mascot will be a giant burger with a giant £8 pricetag
  • Plenty of local football to watch I’m sure next Saturday so no need for people to be without their fix if they want it.
  • Bearing in mind our injury list. I think a postponement is a good thing.
  • To be fair he has now apologised via the Facebook page.
  • Wish I had been there I think work commitments got in the way of me going. Remember hearing Alan Hutchinsons commentary on what must’ve been 1170 am ?
    in A quick quiz Comment by Mr67 April 19
  • Also when we play away to a team that happens to just have dark shorts (I.e. at Swansea on Saturday) instead of wearing an all yellow kit we are wearing our home shirts with white shorts. That also looks cool and a hark back To our classic kits from…
  • He was being abusive on Facebook.
  • Absolutely. Gary Smith for Wycombe at Adams Park 1990. Simon Garner for Wycombe at Huddersfield 1994 and Bayo for Swansea at Swansea 2005. The last gem of information was provided by Mr Catchpole during the game yesterday.
    in A quick quiz Comment by Mr67 April 18
  • I think we’ve got a plan here
  • I be got totally fed up with his idiot postings have emailed the club and reported him to the Facebook admin. A disgrace to the club
  • I never like that green and white striped kit It was very much an off-the-peg job as Barnet I think had exactly the same strip that season. Also any kit with dark shorts and socks i.e. the red and black kit and the all black kit that we’ve had in th…
  • And all white kit with maybe something like a light and dark blue diagonal would be a good idea if the white shorts and socks were then used to save us having to change the whole kit when we are playing teams like Brentford Swansea and Watford who w…
  • I really love the red and white quoted kit and hope that becomes our first choice change kit next season. Of course there will be times when neither the light and dark blue or red and white quarters will be in sufficient contrast. I can’t see the ne…
  • Also played Blyth from Northumberland a couple of times in cup matches
    in Quick quiz Comment by Mr67 February 18
  • Will keep watching only because I get the games free on iFollow. We’re not even difficult to beat now.
  • An absolutely lovely lady. We always had a chat when I bought my programme. Always upbeat. Also I’m well aware of a tremendous amount of work that she and her husband have done for the club behind the scenes. Rest in peace
    in RIP Sandie Comment by Mr67 February 1
  • The award of the penalty was an absolute joke. Having said that our defending in the game Was generally dire. It was unfortunate that Stewart wasn’t picked for this game and the new guy was signed too late to play. The back four picks It’s self for …
  • I had stories of that day along those lines. I suppose a parallel would be playing the 1985 European Cup final at the Heysel Stadium with dead people in the ground Was the thinking that the situation gets worse if you abandon the game and you then …
  • Hats off to the club they seemed to handle last night very well. No doubt as it was a pilot there are lessons to be learned but overall they did a great job. Guy next to me took his mask off but was politely and quickly told by Steward To wear it a…
  • It’s asking for an access code in addition to the promo code. Can’t see anything on the original season-ticket email that says access code but there are a couple of codes there one seems to be all letters one seems to be all numbers are they the one…
  • No nothing yet I would imagine it’s quite a logistical exercise as we have until 9.00am Wednesday I will only chase up if nothing by first thing tomorrow. From past experience they work late in the office. They once called me back around 9pm
  • Cheers
  • I just wonder if I go like that have been scored by an England player and we have gone onto win the match Would we be complaining or just thanking our lucky stars we got away with it. I agree the hand of God thing didn’t do him any favours he should…
  • Turner Sports played on a very well appointed ground at the very top of Totteridge Hill opposite the green there Both their football and cricket teams played there and a lot of ex-Wycombe players joined them after their career at Loakes Park Had fin…
  • About 2400 I believe. I understand it was capped at the number that we sold last season for this very reason
  • Yes I have heard the name Wycombe Redford‘s before and it always intrigued me as I live near Redfords now known as Totteridge recreation ground. The area has two football pitches to this day. Those local to the area may remember when the far side of…
  • I think it’s now wise to check kickoff times for all games both mid week and weekend. As I said earlier I only found out by chance by checking the fixtures on the BBC red button. I think the club need to ensure that they get the message across.
  • Yes I understand the reason for the kickoff but it’s been poorly advertised. I only spotted it by chance when I was looking all the fixtures on the good old BBC red button
  • Correct
  • As previously posted. Paragraph I popped into the greengrocers today and got some sour grapes. Have you got the address to send them on to? Presumably just care of Peterborough FC