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  • Nobody had heard of Uche this time last year and he had hardly set the world on fire at Hearts. Horgan was interesting but we are yet to see what I hope will be his best.
  • Launch of new goalkeeping kit so announce signing of new number 2 keeper - makes sense to me
  • Just been in a curiosity store in Plymouth and there was a signed piccie of the beast for sale - Wycombe Legend it said - only other teams with similar artifacts were premier league sides - no more little Wycome!
    in BAYO STAYS! Comment by PJS July 17
  • 6-0 away at Stockport made all the worse by the fact that I have lived & worked in Stockport since 1991 Match day was bad but Monday morning in work ...
  • @barneysmith said: My first game was watching an evening match in 1973 from a room high up in the hospital, can't remember who we were playing. I was 14 years old. My Grandad was on his last legs, bless him, but we both loved the match. It was li…