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  • @glasshalffull said: @Username said: Until we win a game it's not so much a run of form as just not being up to the standard. Fingers crossed I'm well wide of the mark, but I don't think anyone that's a football neu…
  • @eric_plant said: Sounds like you're proud of it Again another constructive comment!! Do you ever say anything useful?
  • Even my Norwich mates said we should have had a penalty. Great performance. It will come but needs to happen soon to give us some hope of staying up.
  • Living in Norfolk for the last 25 years, just a point would be incredible. Certainly keep all my Norwich mates quiet. There are some pretty big scores in favour of Norwich on our predictor league. I’ve gone for a 1-1. They believe we will park the b…
  • Hopefully there are some free agents out there that could give us more goal threat ? We don’t create enough chances and certainly score enough. Our defence is improving but don’t see many clean sheets , so we need to score more.
  • @aloysius - I have to agree that Bayo is not the answer. Clearly just coming back from injury but I fear the jump in standard is too much. I hope I’m proved wrong but not confident.
  • Sorry even with our injuries, we must have someone better than Samuel. Hardworking but really no threat at all. Why not try Wheeler or Fred upfront.
  • Surely Wheeler would be a better bet than Samuel upfront. He has a more physical presence, would win a few headers and has better control. Are we just unlucky with injuries at the moment but we need an update.
  • @glasshalffull - Sorry thought you posted recently that you never question or undermine the knowledge of some of the posters on the forum. I quote’’ less intelligent comments’’. Oops.
  • @Right_in_the_Middle . I’m happy you think you think he will score but I have to disagree. He seems a genuinely nice guy but not up to the Championship . Backtracking no.
  • @drcongo - very quiet . You have a go and when asked to explain , it all goes very silent.
  • @Right_in_the_Middle - we scored with no involvement from Samuel. Totally agree he is hardworking but interested in your views as to whether he will score for us or create chances for other players.
  • @eric_plant - Sorry I thought fans forums were for fans to express their views, comments, opinions on their team and players. You clearly just want to in your own inimitable style insult people. Clearly you don’t have your opinions.
  • @Right_in_the_Middle - did Samuel have anything to do with the goal we scored? Did Samuel look like he was going to score this afternoon.? Do you think Samuel will score many for us this season ? I admire his work rate and his determination but he w…
  • @drcongo - I am interested in your views . What comments of mine do you find idiotic ? I’m keen to debate .
  • @drcongo - obviously you don’t think my comments or opinions are constructive. Just because they differ from yours , doesn’t mean they are not valid.
  • @eric_plant - is that the best you can come up with? Surely you have some constructive comments or opinions about the game.
  • @mooneyman - we need points now, so surely you play your best team. We are only 5 games into the season.
  • @mooneyman - Surely this early in the season , he should be able to play after a couple of days rest. It’s not as if he has flown half way around the world.. Seems a strange decision as we don’t look like scoring certainly with Samuel upfront.
  • Clearly a better performance but realistically did we ever look like winning the game. What is happening with all these injuries? Are we just unlucky at the moment or have we bought a duff in Uche? Why did we buy Parker? How can Horgan play for the …
  • @Malone - Certainly not asking the club to be reckless but hoped that with the safety net , it would allow a little more wriggle room for us to get in a couple of players to give us a fighting chance.
  • Hopefully there is a left back and creative midfielder in the free agents pool. Although massively proud of my team being in the Championship , not sure the club have given Ainsworth the squad to give us a fighting chance of staying in it.. Even mor…
  • @chairboyscentral -let’s hope we can pull a couple out of the bag. Clearly there is going to be financial support for Championship sides in the future, so a bit disappointing of the business we have done. No left back or creative midfielder yet. Not…
  • Not particularly positive news from Ainsworth this morning. He talked in the last week or so about identified targets but clearly difficult getting them over the line. Surely the free agents market is equally competitive with clubs looking for barg…
  • @Malone - to give us the best chance of staying up, I think we need more reinforcements, a left back and a creative midfielder. Over the last couple of weeks , we have seen comments around ‘ we have identified ‘ targets’ from the club. So worried th…
  • @Wendoverman - I look forward to the time when you make a sensible and constructive comment. Sadly missing at the moment.
  • Only 3 days left. Starting to worry. Surely it would been better to get them in earlier so they would be ready for Saturday. Does that mean we haven’t been able to get our identified targets?
  • @eric_plant - thank you for your very articulate response. I bet you were in the debating society at school .
  • @eric_plant - sorry was the question to difficult. My original post was about the complete lack of anything new about our club and it’s financial state.You then comment about my views are from a minority aspect. So I was asking what did you learn ne…
  • @drcongo and @eric_plant - are you really telling me you learnt something new about our club from the article?