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  • @Right_in_the_Middle said: Haven't we been in a relegation battle since day one of this season? We've done so well to have any kind of buffer but the last third was always going to be tough. Some may panic but I don't think our management or p…
  • I still look back over the past few weeks (soon to become months &) wonder. Anyone that stands against the status quo is wrong, why do we do it? Maybe just because we believe. I am getting bored of the arguments. 3 choice, US, Harman or admin le…
  • May I add that AP is worth today £8m. Can we screw around with this?
  • @mooneyman said: @Twizz - Debt has to be repaid at some point and as it grows it becomes more and more difficult to do so. Eventually it becomes impossible and the club goes bust. If Harman loans us £2m that will be used up in 4 years at the c…
  • @OxfordBlue said: I agree with Mooneyman. It’s a bit like being asked to vote on whether you think a piece of string is deeper than a hole. How is it generous? Have you been to Pride Park and seen how different it is to Adams Park?
  • The third option is non league. Let’s be very clear on that.
  • @TheChair said: I am sure that the 2 new members of the Trust Board were unaware of the situation regarding the loan. I wonder if they regret their decision to put their names up for office. I stand to be corrected but they put their names forwa…
  • Having been a little involved before, I have said I will help in the interim in some capacity as have others. Matt Clarke
  • I thought Andy Harman's proposal was good and I would rather he proceeded with his bid. Weighing up the options and leaving out the issue of the Trust Directors (and some get to stay in their roles within the Club etc) To appoint a management team…
  • There are enough former Trust Directors & others who could form a temporary Trust Board to oversee things whilst new elections are organised. I still have my black & white scarf and know the power of the Gasroom from before. I would not …
  • Very comprehensive post by @DJWYC14. Thank you I am really concerned I we the lack of transparency and information. I too served on the Trust board and worked to protect assets to ensure we don't lose them. I have been vocal on Twitter @matt1clark…
  • All i would suggest to those with questions is to either attend the meeting tonight. If you can't I am planning on putting questions raised here and on Twitter to Andrew Harman providing an update on the presentation and Q&A.
  • I will be there too to hear the plans and am very much looking forward to it. Happy to put a post up after with bullet points ? Matt Clarke