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  • Would AH actually come back for a third time for with a proposal, bear in mind we’ve been told he probably under valued the club or perhaps the club over valued them selves
  • Micra. Sorry Autocorrect
  • Mivar. That’s what TS said at the fans council
  • I was unbelievable that he is now only working on a budget for next season. Surely this is something that should have been done along time ago, regardless of the fact of the expectation of an investment
  • @Wendoverman said: @Guppys_Left_Leg absolutely, the only thing you can really predict is the money you've got from the ST sales and the Quest TV money which I cannot believe is that much... Lge 2 money I believe was £450.000+. So maybe a…
  • TS was asked last night, to have one, there was no commitment from him but strongly advised that Trust members would appreciate it. So watch this space. I believe he will.
  • Exactly. I know AH may come back. I hope he does now. I still stand by what I said, and still prefer the now dead plan A. But I would back AH should he now come back in. What a fricking mess. It really is like Brexit
  • So certain members on here were hell bent on AH being aloud to have a second chance. Well well done your actions have well and truly f****d the club up. Next time keep your bright ideas to your self. Now we possibly stand to lose players and a mana…
  • Is it conceivable that the reason tonight’s meeting is cancelled is due to the fact, that they now seek at 49% minority, then a majority later. Hence no vote would be needed on a minority. Just a thought
  • Can everyone bring their torches tonight please
  • Amateurish. Is that down to M Davies or other powers. But he is very much a ‘my way’ kind of person!
  • Mr Marlow. Are we so tight for cash that April wages may not be paid? As has been suggested
  • rmjlondon 11:56AM Flag absolute nonsense, I understand that if we don't get a very good gate this evening we will be struggling to pay wages at the end of April !!! That’s a worry. Where did you here that from
  • Unless we’ve defaulted. The loan was over 12 months. Starting 6 months ago. So you would have to assume we are halfway there. I could be wrong
  • There is no leverage on the stadium. Half the loan is now paid off. So if push came to shuv then we would find away to pay them off in one go if needed. So I really think the offer will be the same as before. Well I hope so!
  • So perhaps ppl can stop sniping at ghf aswell
  • Kelly Francis. Club secretary. A few say she is the ring master !
  • Even with these twists and turns the trust board still won’t change the constitution of the 75% majority and reduce it to something like 70% -65%. But yet all the would be bidders can do what the heck they like. The bidders being Europe and the cl…
  • Glass full. I’m intrigued to know if it’s your mission in life just to upset people You did it a lot on fb when you were a regular poster, now seem todo the same in the Gas. I’m not sure if your aware you do it or not. But for someone in their te…
  • Indeed Marlow. If a piss up in a brewery can’t be done now. Then surely couldn’t do anything more!
  • A possible example in ‘heads’ of terms could be the arrangement for the new big screen. Ie either how it’s currently financially going to be managed or whether Uncle Sams friends want to buy it out right
  • Anyway. We are now a week on. Still no word from the board as to the next step. Have uncle Sams friends also pulled out ! Hence no word. Instead foraging around for money to buy the crisps
  • Sorry to say last time. (Not so long ago) there was talk of a vote of no confidence which seemed to amount to nothing, so I fear your suggestion is dead in the water, with little appetite from anyone
  • after last weeks debacle, then if AH did come back for a third time, then I can tell you that this would be deemed very unpopular by a majority of the fan base. So any one thinking of voting noon the vain attempt AH may come back again is somewhat d…
  • I believe his name to be David !! That’s all
  • I’ve my suspicions. But to be fair MC isn’t going to put his hand up and say its me!! Must be fun being in a board room meeting knowing that all information is going to be leaked on here
  • I’m dyslexic. Hence spelling is not quite my forte
  • How else might someone know so many ins and outs ChasH
  • Marlowchair. I read all your posts and analysis which I find interesting and insightful, but as a trust board director, I really feel you shouldn’t be telling us half the stuff you do, probably legally also, you shouldn’t. But why not actually form …
  • Any word on, if the bid has been submitted
    in AH proposal Comment by TrueBlu March 7