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  • I recently found a great little book "Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Pubs", by John Camp, published 1965. It lists three pubs in High Wycombe for special mention, one of which is Ye Exchange. An Aylesbury Brewery Company pub, serving salami and san…
  • Just in case last night's performance encouraged you to think about going to Sheffield on Saturday, and you don't fancy driving, there are still a few seats on the DSA coach. Good company at a cost of only £28. Email [email protected] .
  • Iffy Onoura is currently the Equalities Coach for the Professional Footballers Association.
  • The Disabled Supporters Association coach to Sheffield Wednesday, November 27th, is booked and spaces are filling up. The cost is £28 per head. Any supporters with any kind of disability will be very welcome, plus friends and family of course. Pleas…
  • There are already queues at the temporary traffic lights outside Greggs in New Road, where there are some roadworks. I would suggest, if you were thinking of coming that way, that you use an alternative route.
  • I don't know why it says "Attach Poll". There isn't one.
  • Thanks @Glenactico. The DSA didn't manage to fill the coach but OWWSA helped by taking most of the available spaces. It was a special coach with a state of the art wheelchair lift and safe spaces inside for wheelchairs, and Motts' driver was extreme…
  • Reminder that a special coach is running to Manchester City for supporters with disabilities, together with their friends and family, at £31 per head. This is being run by Wycombe Wanderers Disabled Supporters Association together with OWWSA and Wyc…
  • Hope you and your son can make it @ryan_w_kirkby. I'm hoping to contact the Man. City DSA so that our group can chat to theirs before the match. Would be good if you and your son could join us. And thanks for your nice comment, @Twizz. Rena at OWWSA…
  • Wycombe Wanderers Disabled Supporters Association (DSA), in conjunction with WW Trust and OWWSA, are running a specially adapted wheelchair friendly coach to Manchester City on 21st September. Cost in the region of £31 (£5 reduction for OWWSA member…
  • Thanks for the mention @Twizz and I hope that you and your Dad enjoyed the match, @TheDancingYak. Can I recommend you to join the WWFC Disabled Supporters Association? It was formed a few months ago as a WW Trust community initiative and already …
  • I had my Pfizer vaccination at the Town Hall yesterday and it was brilliantly organised, in and out within 30 minutes. We must have met there @EwanHoosami, and I'm guessing that you were either the witty guy outside the entrance ushering us in, or t…
  • An excellent and thought provoking article. Thank you.
  • At £1 for 8 pages (12.5p per page) I thought the Cobblers programme was a complete ripoff. Compare that with our normal £3.50 for 64 pages (approx. 5.5p per page), or our smaller version used for the Carabao Cup which is £1 for 16 pages (6.25p per p…
  • If you are interested in second hand vinyl, peterparrotface, you can spend many a happy hour at Really Good Records in Plymouth, reasonable prices too.
  • Good to see the banner which went up today on the front of the Council Offices in Queen Victoria Road - "WWFC has made the town proud".
    in Banners Comment by PeterLerner May 2018
  • Brilliant commentary from Phil and Luke on 3CR.
  • We're not going to be selling Baskin and Robbins ice cream any time soon, are we?
  • Strange. I had an email from the 500 Club which looked like this: 500 Club’18 Supper Party Join your fellow 500 Club’18 members in the Caledonian Suite after the Port Vale game on March 24th at 5 pm. • Supper will be provided free of cha…
  • Credit to the Coventry fans (a) for turning up in good numbers and (b) for their continuous chanting and singing. Their rendering of "Twist and Shout" was glorious; I'm less enthusiastic about their half-hearted version of "In my Liverpool / Coventr…
  • BBC online weather forecast for High Wycombe suggests there won't be much snow in High Wycombe if any, but certainly cold.
  • Maidenhead 3: Chester 0. "It's grim. Watch them while you can" is what I was told by the first Chester supporters that I spoke to at York Road. Chester, my hometown club of my teenage years, are in a difficult financial position, stuck in the Nation…
  • Smashing video, Alan. Merry Christmas!
  • Just dropped my son off at AP and there are hundreds of Leatherhead supporters there already, mostly in green horror wigs. Should be a great atmosphere.
  • Just back from the Trust AGM. I didn't get elected but many thanks to those who voted for me. Although a little disappointed, I'm certain that the Trust remains in excellent hands.
  • Hello Mr / Ms Dooley. The answer to your question is yes, and I am also the Peter Lerner who sponsors Sido Jombati's home shirt. I look forward to talking to you in the Vere Suite before the Yeovil match. Peter