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  • this shows things quite nicely
  • We could also move up the table, if results and involving the teams below us go in our favour, and if Bristol Rovers lose their two games before next weekend by a combined 11+ goals...
  • @Right_in_the_Middle I meant that I think, realistically, his was our one transfer fee for the season, a luxury buy if you like - and worth every penny. Unless I'm mistaken, Harriman was our last purchase before him.
  • With the regards to the loanees, Morris was never going to stay - we'd have been priced out of any deal, but he was on the brink of joining Luton and subsequently did, of course, join Pompey, for a reason - they're at a level/standard he ought to be…
  • Here we go...
  • There were a couple of their lot climbing up the supports of the stand after the goal as well - might wanna check the structural integrity of that as well...
  • 'Normal' it may be, but I don't think we should think twice about claiming back for broken seats - especially when that's pocket change to a club like Sunderland
  • My favourite comment in reaction to today's result was the one suggesting we "get the new owners in" now so we can sack Ainsworth. I had a good laugh at that.
  • @Alexo said: I think the problem is that we got on a good run... we were high mid table.... some of us even mentioned the possibility of playoffs!!! Automatics even at one point!!! A bit of good form and delusions of grandeur kicked in. We are W…
  • For what it's worth, no side with 51 points or more has gone down from this division since 04/05
  • It's happened. The first call for Ainsworth out -_-
  • *swearing. It's been a while since I've celebrated enough to sweat at the match report
  • @glasshalffull I just don't understand the mentality. I'm of the 'social media generation' yet manage to refrain from sweating at the match report. some of the responses...
  • What was it someone was saying about people needing a cooling off period before taking to social media after a game? The responses to the club Twitter at the moment range from pure expletives to suggestions that Ainsworth has lost the dressing room …
  • Yves starts. Fair play Gareth, had to at least give it a try
  • @JohnnyAllAlone my phone seems to think so
  • Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, and from what I've gathered probably not, but would relegation be a deal breaker for the Americans?
  • Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, and from what I've gathered probably not, but would relegation be a deal breaker for the Americans?
  • Definitely Beany, considering my only ever Sunday league goal came from doing pretty much exactly this
  • I've even seen Akinfenwa made the scapegoat by one or two on Twitter - I'm having a tough time working that one out. He hasn't been as effective this season but some of the abuse (admittedly so far confined to social media, it seems) he gets after e…
  • Best view of the first pen. Accy player might make the most of it, but what on earth was Allsop thinking? Can't be too reassuring to play in front of a 'keeper who's capable of moments of madness like that.…
  • Purely from a statistical POV (obviously there are all sorts of factors, and 6 isn't a huge sample size): 1.06 PPG with Allsop (33 from 31), 1.83 without (11 from 6).
    in Allsop Comment by th100 March 13
  • This is from @experimental361 on Twitter. Well worth a follow, always coming out with some excellent stuff
  • I've stuck up for him all season, including Saturday, but after that it's surely time to at least consider a change?
    in Allsop Comment by th100 March 12
  • Maybe not the biggest issue but they had run out of milk before HT in the family stand, having previously had no hot water at I think either the Bradford or Gillingham game
  • Ban upheld but he's still able to play in the Checkatrade final
  • Interesting career path so far. Born in Italy, jumped from Cray Wanderers to Leicester. Only real pro spell was at Ross County, where he barely played, before going back into non-league - but always every chance he's another Ainsworth gem!
  • Anyone happen to know when we last had 2 players sent off in a single game? There's this one from '02 - when a 17-year-old Beany saw red for QPR - but if imagine its happened more recently?…
  • That was their 15th draw (joint most in the EFL) from 35 games this season, 12 of which have been 1-1