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  • Some excellent responses here. Yes, the same kind of thing will inevitably happen with Ainsworth, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little laugh here.
  • My understanding is that the EFL and Mind didn't fully agree on just what the partnership entailed until relatively recently, which is why it's been a slow starter. The logo is on all the players' names but that's not necessarily something people wi…
  • @Jonny_King I think I'm just gonna root around the fridge for what's left over from Christmas of an alcoholic nature
  • Slightly concerning to hear Gareth coming out so bluntly with this post-match, even if it's hardly a surprise:
  • Even features a mention for the Wanderer @Jonny_King
  • @Jonny_King I think you're also right about Wimbledon originally turning Kingstonian into tenants
  • @Jonny_King I think it was more Chelsea's condition - they weren't willing to accomodate them - but still, Kingstonian got rather shifted by the whole thing
  • @Jonny_King said: Well said Shev. Also, didn't they massively screw over Kingstonian, taking ownership of their own ground and turning them into tenants? Can't remember the exact details, but seem to recall they pulled a bit of a swift one on a c…
  • This was Kewell after we won at their place: "We played the right way. If that’s the way Wycombe want to play that’s fair enough, congratulations to them. "Long ball and hope. It wasn’t as if they scored from open play." https://www.crawleyobs…
  • Feel like I may now have made up NJ coming out with the classic 'You know what you're going to get with Wycombe', although I can imagine him saying more or less that. I'm sure other oppo managers have anyway...
  • Is this poster the same Luton fan who heckled me in the street after the game with the unbelievably inventive "They're shit, your team"?
  • Allsop banned for only 1 game, meaning the red must have been for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity rather than serious foul play. Penalised for the wrong offence but handy for us so...
  • The colourful language towards GA late in the game from sections of the Luton fans was quite unnecessary. What even sparked that off? Strange
  • £380,000 being mentioned here at least
    in O'Nien off? Comment by th100 July 2018
  • Has anyone else come across this Twitter account tweeting utter rubbish? I'm sure it's pretty obvious from the tone of their tweets/lack of followers that they're absolutely not genuine, but I don't think it's …
  • Has anyone else come across these Twitter accounts? Both claim to be tweeting Wycombe 'news', yet as I'm sure is pretty obvious, it's all BS. The first one blocked…
  • @OxfordBlue ah great, thanks
  • This is probably about the best I can do I don't know if there's an easier way to embed a photo straight into a post on here? It should just about be readable, it's almost impossible to…
  • That's me! Thanks for the kind words. I've only just seen it myself from a pic someone sent me via Twitter, and I'm actually a bit confused about the version they've published - I'm just trying to get some clarification on that as it wasn't what I w…
  • Reading the statement from the club, the Solihull incident sounds suspiciously like something I (and probably anyone else who was on the shuttle bus immediately after the game) sadly saw the back end of at Solihull station - basically a lad (who was…