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  • Maybe he needs to wear an NFL-style jersey or just an undershirt - so tight it's impossible to grip and pull.
  • The law on undershirts has changed slightly - players are allowed to wear multi-coloured/patterned ones as long as they're the same colour as the sleeve of the main shirt.
  • Mike Williamson announced as the new Gateshead manager
  • I'm not sure how much impact Umerah made on loan at Boreham Wood, but I also don't particularly think that matters. We know by now that improving unknown players/those who've lost their way or fallen out of favour is Ainsworth's forte - we should ke…
  • @robin said: According to EFL Hub Bristol Rovers want Fred Onyedinma on loan, i'd love to have him back again if possible. That's just another one of those nonsense rumour accounts. In any case, I'd imagine Millwall would hope to sell whi…
  • Somehow I don't think 'TransferCentre9' is likely to be a particularly reliable source. There are countless Twitter accounts like this just fishing for attention.
  • Weren't Brighton sponsored by SKINT during times of financial difficulty?
  • @EwanHoosaami when Luton announced their retained list, they said he was still under contract - although everywhere else seems to say it runs out this month. But even if he does move, he's not going to join a lower League One club. Even if Gareth ha…
  • Those two rumours are from one of those Twitter accounts that pops up every summer spewing absolute rubbish - don't take any notice. Thankfully, for as long as Ainsworth is in charge, players of DDH's character won't be seen in a Wycombe shirt.
  • @Callmepauly to be fair, considering how young he is, I suppose he's unlikely to have a 'best' position yet
  • Sounds like he's a midfielder/winger, not a striker
  • Three years with his injury record is quite a big risk. Fingers crossed we get enough out of him to make it pay off.
    in Contract news Comment by th100 May 31
  • R&D were in the Conference (well, had been expelled from it) when it all came to an end for them.
  • Absolutely deluded.
  • Fixtures are out on 20th June, but apparently they're known internally a few days earlier - it sounds like the EFL will have to be confident in around two weeks that Bury will be able to fulfil their games.
  • Word going around that Bury are now closed until further notice
  • *plus Oxford. Whoops.
  • From players, to club staff, to fans, the EFL under his leadership has failed thousands. Good riddance.
  • If, worst case scenario, none of Bayo, Gape and Kashket sign new deals, we're left with 12 players - and that's assuming no one else gets lured away. We could end up having to bring in six just to be able to name a full matchday squad, and Gareth ha…
  • Walsall | Ismail and Osbourne both looked excellent, tricky players last time we faced them - the latter turns 32 this year so he's of the right demographic...
  • Rarely disagree with anything he says, would have him at Wycombe in a heartbeat
  • They could well start next season on -18 points. 12 + another 6 for failing to fulfil the Brentford fixture. Worth keeping a close eye on what happens at Bury as well - they're back in the High Court tomorrow.
    in Bolton Comment by th100 May 14
  • They had won only 3 out of 23 and had gone rather stale. With the squad they've got, they probably should have done better than just stave off relegation. Chris Hughton is a great bloke and has done great things for Brighton - he won't have any prob…
  • Jon Obika released by Oxford - 28, quite a physical striker, perhaps hasn't realised his full potential and he missed most of last season with a knee injury, but he might be just the kind of…
    in The Release Radar Comment by th100 May 9
  • @micra Oh I wasn't for one moment suggesting that we sign him, just mentioned him because Wycombe
    in The Release Radar Comment by th100 May 9
  • Coventry's, including Stuart Beavon
    in The Release Radar Comment by th100 May 9
  • “We are all aware of the pros and cons that come with supporter ownership, and the limitations that it places on us, and I hope that at the same time as celebrating our recent successes, the fans can appreciate the reality of our situation and that …
  • Plymouth's, featuring another Ainsworth
    in The Release Radar Comment by th100 May 7
  • Bradford have just had a big clearout
    in The Release Radar Comment by th100 May 7