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  • I don't think that this is really needed either, just pretend that the players are unavailable for selection owing to injury. If it was any other normal Saturday and that any team had an injury problem, the fixture would still have to go ahead with…
  • Scored for Blackpool this evening
  • Still not got mine; down to the club on Monday methinks
  • Doubt it. He'd just be another Theo Walcott example who should have gone to Villa or say Everton where he would have had loads more first team opportunities/appearances than he ever got in those 'brightest star of the future' days when first at Ars…
  • @Wendoverman said: Seems they are not allowed to brand the stadium for the club in any way and their seats are about a mile away from the action (or something) because of the athletics track. I assume there are flats on the Boelyn by now. …
  • @JohnnyAllAlone said: Although foul throws for a professional of his standing is not acceptable, I do have some sympathy for Bean. Why oh why do our players not make themselves available for the throw-in/lack of movement and then get within 6 fee…
  • Billericay so far in this years competition have managed to score 24 goals and concede eight. I know this as I am being very sad by following the competition from the early preliminary rounds having started with Flackwell Heath. Apart from the 1st…
  • 12 months notice from now to get next years presentation properly prepared and rehearsed. One of the more poignant events in the year certainly deserves this.
  • He will. Shame.
  • He should be safe there!
  • Thanks for the comments and I'll go for the one that says that the original lights have been disconnected. As excavation work is being done in the vicinity I would presume that they do not want to risk the underground services being compromised (i…
  • My only issue is that the comments are not 'top posted'. If the thread becomes too long it could be a pain to scroll to the end of the thread for the most recent comments.