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  • @DJWYC14 said: Hate to be that person but anyone else still waiting on their physical Season Ticket? Couldn't collect at the Leicester match as was on holiday. I tried to collect mine at the Leicester game but my tickets were unavailable.…
    in Tickets Comment by Fit2drop August 3
  • My brother and I had the shoot league ladders, we meticulously made one for the Rothmans Isthmian league, Its why we started reading the Sunday papers, just to get the Isthmian league results, which was often more of a challenge than you think. Now …
  • @LX1 said: The image of your grandmother wearing the medal is wonderful. I've just dipped into the official history and William Buchanan seems to have been the main man around that time, a prolific scorer over a number of years. In the earl…
  • I have spent hours thinking about this, and reading other great contributions made me realise that its not only winning games that make for a standout game. In chronological order. 1. Loosing at Griffin Park to Hendon in the Amateur cup. I though…
  • My Grandmother always wore a Berks and Bucks cup medal that her father had won as Captain of Wycombe Wanderers in 1902. She told me of how William (Bill) Buchanan and his 3 brothers, Charlie, George and Albert had all played for WWFC. Not once did s…
  • As I have posted many times, we couldn't get tickets via Wycombe, so we got tickets in the Leicester end without much difficulty. My eldest son was 10 at the time. I had to physically restrain him when we went 1-0 up. At 1-1 everyone around was goin…
  • I worry about ever thinking Wycombe are a big fish, I will ask some Ipswich, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Swannborough & Doncaster how easy it is to get out of the EFL.
  • If anyone from WWFC reads this, could I and possibly many others have a physical season ticket for this season, I appreciate we are watching the pennies but a simple memento of a historic season would be good for me.
  • @Wendoverman said: Whatever happened to seemingly quite happy not to play Stuart Green? He was Peter Taylors son in law I believe, played at Workington and Whitehaven after us.
  • Huntingdonshire? Is it still a county?
  • @mooneyman said: Worcestershire? We played at Worcester City ground against Leek in a cup replay I think. A famous pitch invasion in the mist.
  • Shev, it wasn't an easy watch, but for most part Mehmeti was average at best and gave the ball away far to easily, no one shone last night and no one had a shocker. Adineran must have a problem, on early season form he was a far superior player, but…
  • Whilst I am lucky enough not to need a refund, I would like a physical season ticket, i have my season tickets going back to my childhood. So if the club are looking at this thread please think on this.
  • I have never understood the "other" team, I support Wycombe Wanderer and wear the Dad badge with pride that both my sons only support the Chairboys.
  • I went to all the games as well, did Baldock have Kevin Philips then? I am sure I remember Stan Colymore signing for Stafford Rangers on the pitch at one visit.
  • @Malone said: We didn't see last season cancelled. When it was new, and there was no hope of a vaccine. So we definitely won't see this season cancelled. Whether they put a little 2-3 week "circuit breaker" in is another story. The lov…
  • Ask Paul Gasroom or Phil Ball
  • @Malone said: Name two of the stands would probably catch any away fan out. I would catch me out, I notice the "Valley Terrace" has no sponsor, my answer:- the home end & the away end that is now the home end.
  • 11th May 85 is the tragedy imprinted on my mind. Bradford v Lincoln.
  • Steve_Peart. I had my code printed as my phone is rubbish. The QR code doesnt have the seat/row no. I could have shown anything. I was surprised no temp check and no hand sanitiser to be seen. I didnt hear the track and trace comment. Overall I felt…
  • I was in the away end crackling speakers were annoying, sound quality of the announcements was appalling. Mask wearing in block E was pretty good except one lad who thought that pulling his scarf up occasionally was ok. No paper towels in the loo wa…
  • I was lucky enough to see Johan Cruyff in Chelsea v New York Cosmos in 1978, Gazza at AP, Messi and Ronaldinho at Camp Nou, Colin Bell & Beckham at Wembley and Horseman, Maskell, Ashford and Dave Collier at Loakes Park each time I thought they w…
  • I didn't see that coming. Not sure I would attend and judging from the First game thread on this forum not sure many of us should.
  • AS posted before, 1st game crawled under the fence between Barracks Road and the training ground 2nd Feb 1968. v Bromley won 4-2. But was a fan before because my Grandmother told me I was. My Grandad & Great-grandfather and his 3 brothers playe…
  • What era was this? I was attending a huge amount of gigs 75-90 I don't recall East Village.
  • I am more likely to invest if a limit is set the amount of tickets.
  • @ChasHarps said: @bookertease said: What worries me is that I’m not entirely convinced that @ChasHarps wasn't there to watch the game at the Rudgeway Had to work that day unfortunately, but I was at Eastville in 1982, …
  • I sent ifollow a rather restrained e-mail Saturday evening after missing half the game with the magic white wheel, I had had issues with a couple of other games. Today £10 back in my account.
  • So the owner couldn't buy Newcastle! But Derby? Oh the EFL & FA are bufoons.
  • Its many months since we were expected to win a game, a whole new mindset. As a long time fan I cannot believe we are where we are. COYC.