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  • The timing on how to land (breakfalls) has to be instinctive, even in staged fights. Staged/co-ordinated fight require just as much skill and timing if not more, as you are making it look spectacular. Real wrestling (a good friend of mine competed a…
  • I hope this is just a Bayo publicity stunt, fitness, flexibility and timing is completely different in combat sports compared to football. Bearing in mind you fight in weigh categories, possibly against an opponent with 20+ years experience of fight…
  • As mentioned above the "village" has alleviated some of the issues. We like to get to the ground in time for a social catch up with the other fans (often away fans). Prior to the village we had been getting to the ground later and later as we could …
  • We picked up Jordan Ibe who was released by Charlton I believe. It is really almost impossible to predict talent. All the academies have squads of 20 at each age group, they often only actually want 2 or 3 players in each group. Some of the premiers…
  • Did Forest pick up 16 million for Matty Cash?
  • Quarters when ever possible, end off.
    in Third kit Comment by Fit2drop August 31
  • @chairboyscentral said: We don't, but it's extra £££ for the club and gives us a choice of which one to wear away. Every time there i an end of season sale there is always a lot of 3rd type kit. Make the quarters a little cheaper you will sell mo…
    in Third kit Comment by Fit2drop August 31
  • Why do we need a 3rd kit? With the yellow and the quarters we have no clashes with any one in the Championship.
    in Third kit Comment by Fit2drop August 31
  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53528235 I was very disappointed with Luke Bolton, I was surprised he got a game at Luton, now at Dundee United a step down from what I know about Scottish football.
  • There is a Howard Jones flag behind the goal.
  • At least folk knew who you were Glasshalfull (commentator) (definately not in Corrie or Brookie)
  • A_Worboys. I think back in the day there was a team called Chesham Generals who may have been swallowed by Chesham United.
  • Geoff Anthony was a Welsh amateur international also a keen cricketer with Wooburn Narkovians. I played a couple of Sunday games with him Paul Birdseye and Dave Bullock.
    in Bayo Comment by Fit2drop July 7
  • I watched a parks game in Shenzhen in China a few years ago with a Chinese colleague, standards was pretty poor. Talking to the players (in words of single syllables) after the game it transpired they had a friendly two days later and were short of …
  • @ChasHarps said: @mooneyman said: @micra said: Yeah, desperate to get cut-out photo sorted but need a trial run with mrs micra taking the photo. She’s no David Bailey - not even a Bill Bailey. Who’s he when he’…
  • I have posted many times that I will happily waive my ££s to the club. I will completely understand those who need or want to take a rebate. My problem will be next season explaining to the the lovely Mrs Fit, "just going to buy 3 season tickets for…
  • Well I will have a look down the back of the sofa for season ticket money. I'm in.
  • The most hated Bristol Rovers for me, I have seen them at 3 different grounds, the best one was a non league ground. I was told to "##ck by an 8 year old Rovers fan when I was working for the club. Had piss thrown over me at the Wreck and of course …
  • @ChasHarps said: The same Barry Fry who worked in tandem with Stan Flashman for many years. Always above board were those two !! I read Barry Frys auto biography, an entertaining book. He openly admitted breaking the rules.
  • My view is they will try to take the course of least resistance, a result that upsets the fewest, I doubt that PPG alone will be used as a small club could go up, Coventry and Rotherham are nailed on, if a 3rd team is promoted I cannot see a way tha…
  • Just seen this on the BBC. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52493649
  • I met Alan Smith ex Leeds & Manchester on holiday for several years on the trot, he was a really nice guy who was fantastic with the young kids, my 2 included.
  • Oh imagine going to Gillingham twice in one season, just how wet and cold you could get. I think if I got hyperthermia twice in a year I might have to tuck my vest in and get some mittens on a string.
  • Roger & Chas the new shirt sponsor seems to be sorted. (take note Mr Couhig) Sizing should be 1/2 pint, pint, Quart, Flagon, Yard & Pissed as a fart.
  • I have read this, https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newsmanchester/radical-new-rules-could-split-leagues-one-and-two-into-north-and-south-divisions-next-season/ar-BB1332DV?ocid=spartandhp&pfr=1 Not actually to far from my idea of reducing the gam…
  • I would go for finishing this season, re start in October, finish in December. Next season starts in Middle of January, only play each team once. So 11 home games and 11 away games. Assuming we are in the Championship. Get some clever dick to seed t…
  • Roger, hopefully Rebellion Brewery will sponsor the shirt next season.
  • Martin and I were among the hardy bunch in the 70 & 80 mentioned by the mighty Chas. We would always see each other in Tesco, he loved to talk about the Wanderers, a true gentleman I was a top fella. Stay safe fellow Chairboys.
  • I was fortunate enough to attend all the home games with my lads who were 8 & 10 at the time. The 10 year old and I also managed the Wimbledon & Leicester games, all 3 of us the Villa Park game. The Filbert St game we were in the Leicester e…
  • Micra, most degree courses are available part time, I mentor engineering & electronics apprentices, many complete a day release degree after they have achieved HNC. In almost every case they are far superior to Uni degree graduates as they have …