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  • Portugal equalise. All change again.
  • @ReturnToSenda said: @Shev said: So just in the course of the first half, England have gone from being set to face Germany, then France, and now Portugal. I wonder how many more times it will change? We were set to fac…
  • I missed the Croatia game, but i never once thought Scotland would score, and the closest the Czechs came was when Pickford gave them the ball.
  • Lots of complaining for a side that have won the group without conceding a goal.
  • I’m expecting a comfortable win tonight, followed by a few days of feverish expectation and then a defeat to Germany on Tuesday.
  • How does VAR not even review the Russian penalty?
    in VAR Comment by floyd June 21
  • Seems very arbitrary. Surely everyone involved with Friday's game should be self-isolating.
  • I’m not sure I’d have left out one of Dortmund’s best players in favour of two holding midfielders from Leeds and West Ham.
  • @MindlessDrugHoover said: I thought there was a bit of the Oxford v Wycombe about the England v Scotland match, and a couple of Oxford supporting mates agreed - plucky all-for-one-and-one-for-all underdogs putting the wind up the supposedly more …
  • A much more important game for Scotland than for us and it showed. We’ve got pretensions for at least the quarter finals, whereas whatever happens to Scotland now they weren’t beaten at Wembley. I don’t like playing two holding midfielders, but I…
  • @bookertease said: On a separate (but connected) point I think ITV deserve credit for having regular input from a qualified ref. It’s a little bit anodyne at the moment but I like the idea ESPN are using Mark Clattenburg in the same w…
    in VAR Comment by floyd June 16
  • @Malone said: Was looking for the what did happen to Devine add the mystery of Morias signing a contract then being bombed out days later... But looks like the original Devine post has mysteriously disappeared. Lots of scu…
  • @micra said: Love the ‘like’ @Wendoverman. Chap who helps me with the garden (well, does pretty well all of it) slips the word in to every sentence. At least once. Where did “I was like....” instead of “I said....” come from? America.
  • How many people watched Borussia Dortmund train?
  • All the very best @micra
  • Why did we need a Ball Boy Mangeress?
  • @Shev said: @Malone - yes, I think it was about $140 in Yankee money last season (@floyd might remember better than me). That’s about right I think. I remember thinking how much cheaper it was than if I’d been at home.
  • Just realized this belongs on the thread about Olly (even worse) Pendlebury, not Ollie Robinson.
  • If he was Oliver he'd be getting ready for the Euros right now.
  • Almost time for some GYCOC i'd have thought.
  • He’ll have to be Oliver if he’s any good. Ollie is no name for a pro footballer.
  • Isn't Andrew Howard's job Sporting Director or something like that? i'd expect contract negotiations and nuances to be his responsibility.
  • @drcongo said: That video is almost unwatchable isn't it. I gave up half way through. Just watched it. Conclusion: i am old.
  • 16 was perfect for the Euros. Every game mattered and you’d get some good teams missing out on the quarters. The first World Cup I really remember is USA 94, so 24 teams has always felt natural, but it’s not very elegant. 48 is ridiculous.
    in WorldCups/euros Comment by floyd June 7
  • The sad thing is there are journalists out there who grew up dreaming of breaking a huge story, who paid a lot of money to get a good set of qualifications and experiences, and now find themselves scrolling thru old social media posts.
  • Andre Burley played the second hand in a 3-0 win.
  • Burley is on the bench for St Kitts, they’re currently one up after about half an hour. Josh Parker is playing for Antigua.
  • Ray Wilkins played in several international tournaments and then went on to play for Wycombe Wanderers.
  • How did i forget Renford Rejects? That's what summer holidays in the late 90s/early 2000s were for! Some of the jokes in the Mike Bassett movie must have from those in the know...