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  • Presumably in that situation there’s nothing stopping Couhig buying 74.9% of the club?
  • He certainly comes across like a typically polished, successful southern businessman. I was pleased to hear him talk about wanting a challenge and adventure rather than trying to sell a line about wanting to be part of days like our promotion at Che…
  • @LeedsBlue was it Oily? I’m sure it was the Goon.
  • Nathan Tyson scored three for Notts Co. against Illkeston today.
  • In the post-match interview FA confirms that at least some of the five missing today are injured, one of the trialists was Ben Frempah and that Jacob Gardiner-Smith was the goal scorer. This years revised budget is the same as last years ‘and the…
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • Any idea who the trialist forward was?
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • Pattison is on for the CF.
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • @Shev that’s on my Facebook group bingo along with ‘we need a new keeper,’ ‘If you vote against investment we’ll be lucky to be playing Barnet in a few years,’ ‘Ainsworth should have gone to QPR.’
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • any of them standing out @Will_i_ams?
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • Fair play to media team keeping them all straight.
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • Halftime. 0-0. We've had a corner. They've had a shot...that's it.
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • He's not been in any of the training ground pictures.
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • The clubs latest tweet suggests that not all are injured but we’re trying to work in as many trialists as we can.
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • @Chris said: No Jacobson either? You’re right. We’ve only got a dozen players and I can’t even remember them all!
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • No Curtis Thompson either.
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • Three more trialists on the bench, two of whom are centre backs. Bayo and Ainsworth both named as well. No sign of Sido.
    in Barnet Comment by floyd July 13
  • Thanks for doing this @Jonny_King 1) What first attracted you to Wycombe Wanderers? 2) What are some of the things that make up the core of Wycombe Wanderers' identity? 3) The football league pyramid is fundamentally different to anything i…
  • No problem @Blue_since_1990
  • I’m not sure where I’ve said any of that @Blue_since_1990 but feel free to misrepresent views that disagree with yours if you can’t engage with them. What I want is for us to be fan-owned at the highest sustainable level. For whatever reason it s…
  • Pretty clear I’m in the minority @James. Which is why we’re in this predicament.
  • @eric_plant said: The whole "Yeovil's mistake was to get promoted before they were ready" thing was a bit odd I thought. What were they supposed to have done? Stopped trying to win games as they got closer to the top of the table? Right. …
  • Thanks @JohnnyAllAlone Did anyone ask about his role at Yeovil Town last season? Whatever it was it doesn't seem to have gone well.
  • @glasshalffull said: What leads you to believe that the club would still exist? We’ve been perilously close to administration more than once. Are you saying you’d be happy to see us drop down through the leagues? Wycombe Wanderers woul…
  • It's been mentioned by @JohnnyAllAlone that all their time over the next nine months comes 'at no cost,' thats not true is it? what am i missing? I understand that things never really got going from an investment standpoint at Yeovil, but Palmer…
  • Thanks @Twizz
  • If they keep having to put in £300,000 every couple of weeks we’re going to owe them an incredible amount come January. Hopefully they’ll hold back on everything but the absolute necessities until the legacy members have had their say.
  • Thanks Richard. Is the £1.5-2M figure amount they expect to invest/loan between now and Christmas? Is the £600k included in that or not? If we don’t give them a majority share we’re looking at nearly £3,000,000 of debt.
  • The next two big tests are whether they can field a team of over 18s against Nantwich at the weekend and whether they're able to host their scheduled friendly with Blackburn next week. A terrible shame.
    in Bury Comment by floyd July 11
  • One of the problems with bigger clubs stockpiling young players is that age group football is almost tackle free. Hardly good preperation for the lower leagues.